Anesthesiology Clinician-Educator Fellowship is a non-accredited, one year program.

We are pleased to introduce the Anesthesiology Clinician-Educator Fellowship, a new non-ACGME accredited fellowship. The one-year program is designed to prepare fellows for careers as clinician-educators in academic anesthesiology by expanding their knowledge and skills in clinical anesthesia, clinical and didactic teaching, and scholarship.

The fellowship is designed to attract outstanding internationally trained and certified anesthesiologists with four or more years of anesthesiology-specific post-graduate medical training.

On satisfactory completion of the Clinician-Educator Fellowship, fellows may become a member of the faculty at the rank of instructor. If they are subsequently promoted to assistant professor, they will be eligible to apply for entry into the American Board of Anesthesiology Alternate Entry Path (AEP). The AEP enables international medical graduates to qualify for the ABA exam system, an important step toward obtaining primary certification in anesthesiology.

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Clinician-Educator Fellowship

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Clinical and Teaching Experience

Clinical training will occur within Augusta University Medical Center and the Children's Hospital of Georgia.

Program effort distribution

  • 80%: Direct clinical care in the operating room
  • 10%: Teaching and supervision of residents and medical students
  • 10%: Scholarship and development of an area of expertise in academic anesthesiology


Fellows will be expected to attend all anesthesiology residency lectures in addition to lectures specific to the Clinician-Educator Fellowship. 


We accept applications from April 1 through June 30.

Application requirements include completion of at least two US or ACGME-accredited fellowships and at least four years of anesthesiology post-graduate medical training. 

Applicants must submit a current curriculum vitae, three faculty letters of reference (one of which must be from the anesthesiology fellowship program director), and a personal statement describing the applicant’s interests and potential plans for the fellowship year. Fellows will be selected based on demonstrated excellence in clinical care, teaching, and academic promise.

For specific questions regarding our fellowship program please contact the fellowship coordinator.

photo of Carol Dickerson, MS, MBA

Carol Dickerson, MS, MBA

  • Program Coordinator