Section Chief (Interim)
Ted Weatherred, MD

The Children’s Hospital of Georgia,which opened in 1997, is the only children’s hospital in the CSRA and one of the largest pediatric facilities in the U.S. The Children's Hospital was one of the lead hospitals that developed programs for Patient and Family Centered Care and has consistently ranked in the top 10% nationally in measures of quality of care.

Our Pediatric Anesthesia division provides coverage for the approximately 6,000 cases performed each year in eight operating rooms as well as at locations outside the surgical suites. The goal of our division—a team of faculty, certified registered nurse anesthetists, anesthesiology residents, and anesthesia technicians—is to provide the highest standard of care, safely and efficiently.

The core pediatric anesthesia rotation is offered as a 2-month block, either during the latter part of the CA-1 year or in the CA-2 year and then as a 1-month block during the CA-3 year to expand the resident's base of knowledge. The pediatric patients that anesthesiology residents care for range from premature infants to young adults. Residents provide sedation and anesthesia for various diagnostic and interventional procedures and surgeries under the supervision of a board-certified attending anesthesiologist.

The initial 2 months of pediatric anesthesia and any additional months of pediatric anesthesia during the CA-1 and CA-2 years are considered the core pediatric anesthesia rotation. The primary emphasis is on developing a basic level of knowledge, decision making, and clinical care of the pediatric patient. This differs from the advanced rotation which places a greater emphasis on the analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of patient care needs along with patient management during more complex surgical procedures and in care of the medically complex patient.

We provide anesthesia coverage in pediatric cardiac surgery for children and adults with congenital heart disease. Out-of-OR cardiac procedures for interventional catheterization and surgery are provided at the state-of-the-art hybrid cardiac catheterization laboratory complex. Anesthesiology residents receive excellent training in the perioperative management of these patients.

The rotation helps residents to attain a level of comfort in dealing with sick children with minimal physiological reserve as well as for routine anesthesia care for ASA I-III pediatric patients.

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