Tuition and Fees Augusta

2016 - 2017

Tuition, Per Semester

Description Rate
In-State, 12 or more hours $14,179.00
In-State, 1-11 hours $1,182.00 per hour
Out-of-State, 12 or more hours $28,358.00
Out-of-State, 1-11 hours $2,364.00 per hour

Fall & Spring Mandatory Fees, Per Semester

Mandatory fees are charged to each student per semester.

Description Rate
Activity Fee $70.50
Athletic Fee $262.50
Health Fee $195.00
Special Institutional Fee $450.00
Student Center Fee $64.50
Technology Fee $150.00
Transportation Fee $75.00
Wellness Fee $60.00
Total $1,327.50

Special Fees

Special Fees may be assessed for elective items, such as parking, or for program or course specific fees, such as those related to labs. Please visit the FAQs for more information on Student Health Insurance.

Description Rate
Medicine Disability Insurance   $93.00
Medicine Liability Insurance   $37.88
Needlestick and Exposure Insurance $48.00
Student Health Insurance (Fall)   $972.00
Student Health Insurance (Spring/Summer)   $1,336.00
Student Health Insurance (Summer Only)   $594.00

More information in the 2017 MCG Admissions Bulletin