Doctor of Medicine / Doctor of Philosophy Combined Degree Program

General Information

The combined MD/PhD degree program provides complete training in medicine and biomedical research sciences required for careers in investigative science and medicine.

Students complete the academic requirements for the MD degree from the Medical College of Georgia and the PhD degree from a degree-granting department of biomedical sciences in the University System of Georgia.

Students may choose from eligible PhD programs at theMedical College of Georgia, the University of Georgia, Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia State University.

The combined MD and PhD degree requirements can typically be completed in seven to eight years.

Requirements for Admission

Applicants must fulfill Medical College of Georgia admissions requirements in addition to admission requirements to the combined program.

Completion of a supplemental MD/PhD program application is required in addition to the Medical College of Georgia application. This can be obtained from the GHSU MD/PhD program website, or you can follow this link:

Application for MD/PhD Program 

Candidates for the dual-degree program must demonstrate outstanding academic credentials in addition to demonstrating strong interest and experience in research and investigative

Generally, prospective candidates for the dual-degree program are interviewed concurrently with interviews for the Medical College of Georgia. Non-resident applicants to the MD /PhD programs are encouraged and they should contact the program's office while submitting the AMCAS application.

For more information, please visit the MD/PhD Program website or contact:

Dr. Jennifer Pollock, MD/PhD Program
Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
Augusta GA 30912