As part of Education Day, the Educational Innovation Institute (EII) will honor an individual who has disseminated innovative, peer reviewed, health sciences scholarship during the last calendar year. This award helps to fulfill the EII's commitment to encouraging and facilitating high quality health sciences educational scholarship at Augusta University.

The honoree will receive $100 and a certificate of recognition for this scholarship on Education Day in March.

The EII Health Sciences Education Scholarship Award: This award will honor a Augusta University student, resident, fellow, or faculty member who has the best disseminated, peer-reviewed scholarship related to health sciences education research in the last calendar year. Scholarship may include products such as a published manuscript, research poster, educational curriculum, assessment measure, or educational technology. Please use the scholarship criteria below to assist in this process.

Evidence of Scholarship: To be eligible for this award, the product submitted must meet all 3 of the following criteria:

  1. Product: Evidence of a tangible product related to health sciences education
  2. Peer review: The product has been reviewed by peers through a formal (a journal, MedEdPORTAL or a conference, for example) or other mechanism (letters from other institutions who have adopted your product with evidence documenting the impact at their institution).
  3. Public dissemination: The product has been disseminated outside of Augusta University

Selection Criteria: Entries will be judged based on the overall quality and potential impact to health sciences education. Clarity of purpose, methodology, findings, and applicability to the targeted educational group will be considered as part of this process. Former recipients of this award are not eligible to apply.

The EII will accept peer or self-nominations.

To apply: In an email titled EII Research Nomination, please provide us with:

  1. Name of person being nominated (only the first author may be nominated and receive this award)
  2. Name of person nominating, if different from above
  3. Department and phone number of nominated person
  4. Title of Project
  5. A brief statement of the contributions this scholarship project makes to health sciences education (no more than a paragraph).

Attach a copy of the scholarship product for review. Manuscripts should be sent in the final published format (usually a pdf document). Scholarship products should be submitted in the final format in which they have been disseminated (such as a PowerPoint, video, manual, etc) and should contain adequate description for evaluation based on the selection criteria. If electronic attachment is not possible, please drop off a copy of the product prior to the deadline at the EII (CJ 1020) with a printed copy of the nomination email.