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1. What is the Academy Health Sciences Educators?

The Academy is a Augusta University health sciences college-wide organization of distinguished educators which:

  • Promotes educational excellence, innovation, and scholarship
  • Serves as an “Academic Home” for faculty with career interests in health sciences education, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, resources, and information.
  • Works to improve the quality of health professional education through service to the Augusta University in faculty development, mentoring, and educational leadership.

2. What are goals of the Academy of Health Sciences Educators?

The goals of the Academy are:

  • To recognize faculty who have made outstanding contributions to health professional education through excellence in teaching, innovation and scholarship.
  • To establish a forum for faculty with recognized accomplishments in health professional education to facilitate the exchange of ideas, career development and collaboration across departments.
  • To improve the quality of health professional education by fostering faculty development, curricular innovation, creating products that will advance the field, and developing educational leaders for the future.

3. What are the benefits of being an Academy member?

Selection for membership in the Academy of Health Sciences Educators is a major achievement. Some of the benefits include:

  • Recognition: Academy members are recognized as being outstanding educators, innovators and leaders in health professional education across the institution.
  • Promotion: When University faculty apply for promotion, their Academy membership establishes their credibility as being outstanding in teaching.
  • Inspiration and Collaboration: Participation in Academy meetings and activities provides members with opportunities to interact with other faculty with similar interests and to exchange ideas related to education, facilitating collaboration across departments.

4. Are there any obligations to being an Academy member?

Because of their expertise in teaching and educational scholarship, faculty are expected to share their time and talents with their colleagues in a variety of activities to improve the quality of its educational programs and the career satisfaction of its faculty: 

  • Developing and leading faculty development workshops on topics related to health professional education, teaching, and research
  • Participating in educational seminars to promote education issues across campus, such as the monthly health sciences educational journal club (EATS).
  • Serving as mentors for junior faculty or faculty who aspire to be Academy members, helping them develop their education and teaching skills.
  • Serving as educational experts and advocates for educational scholarship on major committees within the Augusta University.
  • Participating in activities that support the Academy's function such as helping in the selection and review of Academy members, leading and supporting Academy programs, and helping with Academy governance.

5. Does it cost anything?

There is no cost to join the Academy, and no dues for membership. The only “cost” is the expectation for service (see #4 above)

6. How do I apply?

Nominations for Academy membership are by self-nomination. Calls for application submission will be made in July of even years (i.e., biennially).   Faculty have two months to get their application packet submitted to The Academy office. The packet consists of six items:

  • Personal Statement (1 page) which should include discussion of his/her:

  • Educator's Portfolio (not to exceed 9 pages) containing documentation for each category of educational activity supporting his/her nomination.
    • Curriculum Development
    • Evaluation of Learner Performance
    • Mentoring/Advising
    • Educational Administration/Leadership
  • Completed Anticipated Academy Service form
  • Letter of support from the candidate's chair.

7. What are the criteria used to decide who becomes a member?

All Academy members must have a faculty appointment in a Augusta University health sciences college.  All applicants should be recognized as outstanding teachers of health professional students OR have significant impact on health professional student education through their educational activities with residents, fellows, or graduate students. Additionally, candidates should demonstrate excellence in one or more of the following educational activities :

  • Curriculum development
  • Evaluation of learner performance
  • Advising and/or mentoring
  • Educational administration and/or leadership

The application should only include the candidate's educational accomplishments for the last 5 years. Credit for educational accomplishments at another health sciences institution will be considered, but the applicant must document accomplishments  for a minimum of the last 2 years at Augusta University.

Application packets will be reviewed by a panel of internal and external reviewers. Members will be selected by a consensus of reviewers. The criteria for acceptance will be based upon the documentation and quality of the candidate's direct teaching activities, other educational activities, personal statement, and plans for service contributions to the Institution. 

To see the criteria used by reviewers to evaluate each candidate's application packet here

8. What is the timetable for application?

  • July 1, 2014 - Call for applications
  • September 15, 2014 - Completed applications packets due to the Academy office
  • January 7, 2015 - Applicants informed of decision
  • March 2015 - Academy induction ceremony as part of Health Sciences Education Day

9. Is membership permanent, or is it time-limited?

Academy membership continues as long as the member remains part of the active faculty and continues to remain active in Academy activities At the end of each academic year, every Academy member submits a one-page report to the Academy steering committee detailing his/her educational activities and service to the Academy for the previous year. If the member is not maintaining a level of performance consistent with his/her initial application, he/she may be asked to resign his/her membership. 

10. Why do members have to submit annual reports of their Academy service and educational activities?

Members of the Academy serve as a core of motivated faculty who function as mentors, faculty development workshop facilitators, educational leaders and role models for Augusta University faculty, residents, and students. In essence, they are the “engine” that helps keep the educational programs of the health sciences colleges of Augusta University moving forward. This can only continue to happen if Academy members remain actively engaged in teaching and educational activities.