Minority Advising Program

Minority Advising Students

The Office of Student Development enhances and expands the academic support services for students considered academically at risk. By ensuring students are adequately aware of programs, involved in one-on-one advisement sessions and utilizing campus resources, the office assists in the academic success of students. The goal of our office is to successfully contribute to student retention at the university.

Minority Advising Program (MAP): Is open to all students and was established to enhance the academic welfare of minority students in the University System of Georgia.

The goals of the program include:

  • The promotion of academic success and degree matriculation.
  • Development of human potential and positive citizenship.
  • The creation of an environment that fosters the success and retention of students.

To receive full benefits of MAP programs and events students should join the Black Student Union (BSU) Organization.

Organizational Meeting

At the beginning of each semester, a MAP get-together is held to promote friendship and fellowship among minority students. Students meet the MAP coordinator and other faculty, staff, and peer advisors who have volunteered their time to serve as mentors. Students are given an opportunity to discuss their concerns and to make suggestions regarding services and activities they would like to see incorporated in MAP.

Student Success Seminars

With the assistance of the university's Counseling and Testing Center, MAP sponsors free seminars that enable students to master the skills necessary to succeed in college. Whether its learning how to study or take tests, manage stress or relationships, the seminars provide skills that will help in all aspects of university life.

Motivational Speakers

Guest speakers and other activities help students stay motivated and focused on their goals.

Campus Activities

Efforts are made to enhance college activities and to encourage students to take advantage of every opportunity available.

Augusta University provides the tools to help a student succeed, but it is up to the student to decide to use them. The Minority Advising Program is a wonderful tool. MAP students are expected to contribute to their success by:

  • Participating in activities that will foster academic excellence,
  • Following a plan of action outlined and developed with a mentor, and
  • Being prompt for scheduled appointments, activities, and programs