Services at Reese Library

Your GIL Account: A GIL account logon is needed to access your library information. Once logged on you can see the GALILEO password, check on your book due dates and renew books that are close to due, see any fines or fees and see the status of any requests you have outstanding. There are also search links that take you to the Augusta University catalog and the GIL Universal catalog.

Place Faculty Reserves: This page gives the instructions and tools for professors and instructors to reserve materials for courses. (works best with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari)

GIL Express: GIL Express allows you to place requests for books owned by other University System of Georgia Libraries.

ILL Login Page: This page is the login page for the interlibrary loan system. This does not include GIL-Express, which is accessed from the GIL-Universal catalog and the GIL login from the first link. You can request just about anything here that isn't available through GIL-Express.

Schedule Class Instruction: This form provides teaching faculty a means to request a library instruction session for their classes.

Computing at Reese Library: A quick overview of what computing resources are available in your friendly neighborhood campus library.