History of the Medical College of Georgia


MCG faculty and trustees continued to take strides to ensure a first-rate education. In 1893, they developed a three-year curriculum with annual sessions of six months instead of five. This trend occurred nationwide as medical schools sought to improve physicians' education. The change went into effect in fall 1893, and required new students to take three courses instead of two. Enrolled students who already had completed one term were not required to take three courses. Shortly after the renovations to Augusta's new City Hospital in 1894, Dr. W.H. Doughty Jr. and Anna David started a program for training nurses.

1893-94 Commencement Invitation
1893 Commencement Invitation
Visiting List
Visiting List

Dr. Henry William DeSaussure Ford (1834-1906)
Dean, 1876-1880, 1893-1894, 1903-1906
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