Libraries Assembly

The purpose of Libraries Assembly shall be to enable shared governance, acting as a college in the overall structure of shared governance for the university.

The assembly shall assist in the orderly conduct of the affairs of Augusta University, communicate faculty-related issues, facilitate the performance of faculty duties and obligations, protect the rights and privileges of the faculty, and enhance professional performance and development of the faculty of the Libraries.


Chair: Natalee Reese
Vice-Chair: Thomas Weeks
Secretary: Shafer Tharrington

FY 22: Chair: Lachelle Smith, Vice-Chair: Natalee Reese, Secretary: Emma Kate Morgan
FY 21: Chair: Gail Kouame, Vice-Chair: Ali Gomez, Secretary: Jenn Davis
FY 20: Chair: Melissa Johnson, Vice-Chair: Gail Kouame, Secretary: Jenn Davis
FY 19: Chair: Kathy Davies, Vice-Chair: Melissa Johnson, Secretary: Jalesia Horton
FY 18: Chair: Thomas Weeks, Vice Chair Kathy Davies, Secretary: Ansley Stuart
FY 17: Chair: Julie K. Gaines, Vice Chair: Thomas Weeks, Secretary: Natalie Logue
FY 16: Chair: Darra Balance, Vice Chair: Julie K. Gaines, Secretary: Kim Mears
FY 15: Chair: Fay Verburg, Vice Chair: Darra Balance, Secretary: Maryska Connolly-Brown

Faculty Development Committee: TBD 

Promotion Portfolio Review Committee: TBD

Research Committee: Kathy Davies (Chair), Julie Gaines, Melissa Johnson

University Senate Library Positions and Terms