About KNIT

Knowledge Integrated—or KNIT, for short—is a university initiative to enhance student learning at Augusta University, Augusta.

In Fall 2009, we began the most extensive review of student needs we’ve ever conducted. We examined data on student performance. We asked faculty, staff, alumni, and local employers to evaluate our students’ abilities. We conducted a thorough review of the literature on best practices in higher education. And we asked students to comment on their own experiences.

These efforts produced the initiative known as KNIT.

Over 50 faculty and staff, and hundreds of students, participated directly in KNIT’s three-year development. Guided by a thoughtful assessment of specific learning needs, KNIT focuses our core curriculum (Areas A-E) to help students feel more engaged, connect better with their peers, form stronger connections between disciplines, and learn in more personally meaningful ways.

Some of the features students like best about KNIT include:

KNIT does not involve extra work
Students take the same classes as usual, but are taught by a team of professors who have agreed to include a “common thread” to make their courses feel better integrated.

KNIT connects and engages you
Students tell us they want to know their peers better, to believe their studies are relevant beyond the classroom, and to feel better prepared for a successful future. KNIT advances these goals by connecting you better to the campus community and its intellectual life.

KNIT empowers you
KNIT helps you make better use, personally and professionally, of your college experience. It introduces you to the robust knowledge you need to become well-rounded, thoughtful, and articulate—qualities that confer serious confidence and respect.

KNIT logo

In KNIT's logo, students join hands as a cohesive intellectual community, over an open book that symbolizes their shared knowledge. Interlocking letters in "Knowledge Integrated" spell "KNIT," our metaphor for connecting people and ideas through well-integrated learning.

KNIT launched in August 2013 with 15 faculty from 8 different fields, and approximately 110 students participating. The following semester it grew to 26 total participating faculty. The program was discontinued in May 2014.

Keep an eye out for faculty and students wearing shirts with the KNIT logo. The shirts are one way we help KNIT students recognize each other on campus, increasing the chances they will strike up a conversation, learn from one another, and form lasting friendships. After all, those are some of the most important reasons we gather together on a campus! KNIT is all about making sure those kinds of experiences happen more frequently, and in ways that enrich your education.