New ServiceNow and 24-Hour Call Center Coming Soon

Changes are coming. On June 29, 2023, the Division of Information Technology will transition to a new university-contracted vendor. Contact numbers will remain the same when contacting University IT Support or Cybersecurity Support. 

Health System employees must call Health System IT Support for assistance. The new university call center agents will not have access to hospital clinical systems. University IT Support cannot assist clinicians or hospital employees if they call the wrong number.  Please contact the appropriate support line for fast, accurate support.  

The Cybersecurity Support line is available to both university and hospital employees. 

University it support: 706-721-4000 Cybersecurity Support: 72cyber (706-722-9237)Health system IT Support: 706-721-7500

Which number should I call?

University IT Support Health System IT Support Cybersecurity Support (both university & hospital)
706-721-4000 706-721-7500 72CYBER (706-722-9237)

Who uses this number?
Students, Faculty, and Staff

 Who uses this number?
Clinicians, Physicians, Nurses, Hospital Staff, and Residents

 Who uses this number?
University and Hospital Employees

What to call about:
Academic Systems, LMS, D2L, AU-issued devices, DCG/MCG assistance, assistance with any IT system (email, Teams, Box, etc.)

What to call about:
Cerner or other clinical applications, AU Health-issued devices, assistance with any IT system (email, Teams, Box, etc.)

What to call about:
Compromised accounts, suspicious emails, suspected phishing or malware attacks, lost AU-issued or AU Health-issued devices, unauthorized Duo attempts