Essential Arrival Checklist

Social Security Card Application—Do You Need One?

All employees must have a valid Social Security card before completing HR Employment Processing. Ask for assistance from your Department Manager to apply for one at the local Social Security office.
U.S. Social Security Administration
115 Robert C. Daniel Junior Parkway
Augusta, GA 30909
(706) 731-0685

Online Orientation/Employment Processing

In an effort to limit the amount of time you must spend in HR Employment Processing, Augusta University is pleased to offer an Online Training Orientation.  You may do online orientation while you are waiting for your social security card, or if you already have one.

Employment Processing

Your Department Manager will schedule you for HR Employment Processing. During this process you will obtain the following:

  • Augusta University Identification Badge
  • Building access/smart card ( or keys to your lab/office)
  • Outlook e-mail account
  • Information about benefits such as health insurance.
  • Information about Work Time/Leave and Scheduled Holidays

Welcome to Augusta University Course

The Welcome to Augusta University Course affords those new to Augusta University an opportunity to learn more and ask questions about our institution.  Ask your Department Manager to enroll you in the earliest available Welcome to Augusta University Course .