Requesting J-1 Processing


If you have not already done so, please submit an Immigration Consultation Request Form to begin the hosting or sponsorship process. Please wait for a response from IPSO before proceeding. If the response you receive recommends J-1 immigration status, you may proceed with the steps below.

2. exchange visiTor affiliate (EVA) or employee?

Exchange Visitor Affiliate (EVA)
  • For regular, full-time employees, an HR posting, recruitment, and offer letter of 1.0 FTE are required. Work with an HR Talent Consultant.
  • For part-time, regular employees, an HR posting, recruitment, and offer letter of at 0.75 FTE are required. Work with an HR Talent Consultant.
  • For Postdoctoral Fellow positions please see the Postdoctoral Guidelines for information on how to hire a postdoc, including the postdoc offer letter template.
  • For Visiting Student Interns, an HR offer letter of temporary employment at 0.33 FTE is required. Work with HR Benefits & Data Management.

3. submission

The department should submit all of the below documents and forms to Box. (If we have not already created a shared folder for your department on Box, you will receive an email notification from an IPSO staff member inviting you to a Box folder.) The request for J-1 processing will move forward AFTER the submission to Box is complete.

4. IPSO reviews submission

  • IPSO will review the request and respond within one week. The process will move forward when the submission is complete.
  • We will also make sure that the salary and/or funding meets the minimum requirements for the J-1 program.
  • IPSO will then issue a DS-2019 and send an email notifying the department that the DS-2019 packet is ready for pickup. If original funding documents are required, the host unit is responsible for bringing those documents at the time of DS-2019 pickup.


  • After the department picks up the DS-2019 packet, they will ship it via UPS or FedEx to the visitor.
  • Departments should not use regular mail to send the DS-2019.
  • No scanning of the DS-2019 is permitted per instructions of the U.S. Department of State.

6. exchange visitor receives DS-2019 and instructions

  • Following the enclosed instructions in the mailing, the Exchange Visitor pays the SEVIS fee and schedules an appointment with the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

7. Exchange Visitor Arrives, Attends Validation Appointment

  • As soon as possible after the Exchange Visitor’s arrival in the U.S., the host unit calls IPSO to schedule a validation appointment for the visitor.
  • Who should attend?
    • The manager and/or mentor if they haven't been to one within the last year. Family members of the visitor can also attend.
  • What should the visitor bring?
    • Passport (should include all information pages, page with dates of validity, page with photo, all extension pages, visa, and entry ink stamp)
    • Visa 
    • Copy of electronic Form I-94
  • Documents will be reviewed and duplicated. The J program dates will be updated on the DS-2019. The visitor will receive a recommended date to apply for a Social Security number.
  • The J-1 insurance requirement will be explained.
  • At the validation appointment, the Exchange Visitor will be scheduled for a J-1 Exchange Visitor Orientation.

8. Exchange Visitor Attends Orientation

  • The manager and/or mentor should attend orientation if they haven't been to one within the last year. The Orientation Packet will be reviewed.
  • The Exchange Visitor can begin J program activities on or after the date listed on the updated DS-2019 issued at validation.