B-1 Visitors


what is a b-1 visitor visa?

The B-1 Visitor Visa is used for temporary business-related travel to the United States to consult with business associates, attend a scientific, educational, professional or business conference, settle an estate, or negotiate a contract.  For more information on the B-1 Visitor Visa, please refer to U.S. Department of State Guidance on Business Visitor Visas and BUSINESS VISA LISTINGS. 

the b-1 visitor invitation process

Step 1
Departments should begin by submitting an Immigration Consultation Request Form (ICRF) to determine if the visitor should be in B-1 status. Be sure to fill out the form completely and include a copy of the invitee's CV. Please wait for a response from IPSO before proceeding. If the ICRF response recommends B-1 status, the department may proceed with the steps below.

Step 2
Please review U.S. Department of State Guidance on Business Visitor Visas and BUSINESS VISA LISTINGS to be clear on the limitations of the B-1 visa.  Then, complete the Augusta University B-1 Visitor Invitation. This should be done three months prior to the proposed start date of activity.

Step 3
The department administrator will forward the invitation letter to the B-1 visitor, along with copies of the following policies for review and signature:

The B-1 Visitor will review and sign copies of all letters and return to the department administrator, who will print all documents and create a B-1 file on the visitor.

Step 4
The visitor can use the signed invitation letter to apply for a B-1 visa at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.


For information about payment restrictions for B-1 visitors, please see our webpage on honorarium payments to foreign nationals.  

arrival at augusta university

Upon arrival at Augusta University, the B-1 Visitor is required to check in with the sponsoring faculty and department administrator to review their rights and responsibilities as listed in the invitation letter. The department administrator will make a copy of the visitor’s B-1 visa for the visitor file.

b-1 visitors on the augusta university campus

All Augusta University B-1 visitors are restricted to the activities as listed on the invitation letter. These activities are only authorized for the times as listed on the letter. B-1 visitors must carry the invitation letter on them at all times and present it to any Augusta University Public Safety Officer who requests identifying documents for the visitor. B-1 visitors must be escorted at all times while on the Augusta University campuses. 

termination of b-1 visitor activities on campus

Sponsoring department administrators are required to notify ipso@augusta.edu of the departure of B-1 visitors, whether at the end of the program or prior to the departure date listed on the invitation letter.

limitations to the b-1 program

The B-1 program is meant for short-term visits for collaboration, presentations and training.  It should not be used for other purposes or as a means to enter the U.S. for employment. Candidates for employment currently in B-1 status will be required to leave the country and re-enter in an immigration status appropriate for employment. Additionally, B-1 programs should be one-time visits and are not eligible for extension.

b-1 observerships

For information on B-1 Observerships, please consult the Observership Instructions