Our Projects

The Southeastern Consortium on Substance abuse Training (SECSAT) 

J. Aaron Johnson, Ph.D.

The Southeastern Consortium on Substance Abuse Training (SECSAT) is funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).  The purpose of the project is to train health professionals to identify and address unhealthy alcohol and drug use in patients.  The project currently provides training in 16 programs in 5 states including Family Medicine and Internal Medicine Residents and students enrolled in Physician Assistant and Advanced Practice Registered Nursing programs

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Kohl's Healthy Kitchen

Kohl’s Healthy Kids Kitchen is a partnership between Augusta University (Children’s Hospital of Georgia and Institute of Public & Preventive Health) and Kohl’s Associates in Action as well as children of the CSRA. The goal of this project is to engage, educate and empower children of all ages by promoting healthy food choices. This initiative includes: three nutrition education sessions to advance nutrition awareness; a 12-week Kid’s Kitchen with cooking demonstrations to encourage healthy food preparation and modify children's favorite dishes; and tasting parties and a kid-friendly printed and electronic cookbook.

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TEACH (The Eating and Cooking Healthy) Kitchen 

TEACH (The Eating And Cooking Healthy) Kitchen Culinary Clinic is a medical student led community cooking program that focuses on helping families in Augusta take control of their diet related illnesses through nutrition based informative and interactive cooking classes. We work directly why physicians, chefs, and registered dietitians to develop healthy, easy, and delicious meals designed to help patients with diseases such as hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and diabetes. 

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Changing the current state of public health in Georgia is an achievable goal. Augusta University is working to improve public health policy and the health of Georgians more than ever.