Graduate Certificate in Bioethics

About the Program

The graduate certificate is designed to provide you with a solid introduction to the philosophical, clinical and policy foundations of bioethics. The program will enrich your study of public health, medicine, nursing, or health humanities and provide a foundation for more advanced study of bioethics for professionals in any discipline. You will learn from and work closely with experts with a wealth of experience and expertise across the interdisciplinary field of bioethics. Those who complete the program will be well prepared for a variety of roles in which ethical skills play a critical role, including membership of hospital- or research-ethics committees; careers as the health professionals or policy makers; businesses that require agile, critical thinkers; or as organizational or community leaders who require the skills to advocate for particular people or causes. The certificate will be completed concurrently with your current degree program.

This certificate will offer an understanding of bioethics with elements of cultural competency and critical thinking. All students take a common course in bioethics. Students will have the opportunity to choose to investigate two further issues of gender, religion, cultural competency, medical and health humanities, or pastoral care with a choice of elective courses. A capstone experience will demonstrate what they have learned and will augment one of their final courses.