Faculty Research Profiles


J. Aaron Johnson, PhD

Dr. Johnson

Director, Institute of Public and Preventive Health
Associate Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences
Associate Professor, School of Graduate Studies

Dr. Johnson’s research is focused on the implementation of evidence-based practices in substance abuse prevention and treatment. He has worked with populations in addiction treatment facilities; medical settings including primary care, emergency department, trauma unit, and urgent care; as well as with justice-involved populations (jails, prisons, transitional centers, drug courts, probation/parole). In is recent work, he  has incorporated technology as a means of enacting behavior change within this field.  In addition to intervention-based research, Dr. Johnson has published several validation studies of brief alcohol and/or drug screening tools for use in general medical settings, as well as a number of publications related to training health professionals to conduct alcohol/drug screening and brief intervention.

Dr. Johnson’s work has been continuously funded for more than two decades with federal grants from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, and the National Library of Medicine and from private foundations including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Healthcare Georgia Foundation.

Research Interests: Addiction/Substance use, Substance use prevention and treatment, Correctional Health, Health Education, Health Literacy, and Health Services Research

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K.M. Monirul Islam, MBBS/MD, MPH, PhD

Dr. Islam

Associate Professor, Institute of Public and Preventive Health 
Associate Professor, Department of Population Health Sciences

Dr. Islam's current research foci are patient-centered outcomes research in cancer, infectious diseases, and interventions program evaluation. He is particularly interested in clinical epidemiology and early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes of diseases. The overarching objective of his research is to prevent diseases and lead to better treatment outcomes among diverse populations including resource-limited communities such as minorities and rural populations.

Research Interest: Epidemiology Research Methods, Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases and Cancer, Clinical Epidemiology, and Global Health

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Becky Stone, DrPH


Assistant Professor, Institute of Public and Preventive Health
Assistant Professor, College of Education – Kinesiology

Dr. Stone has utilized her public health education, experience in infection control and epidemiology, and training in the clinical laboratory sciences to build her research expertise in infectious disease and quality improvement. These experiences are a natural segue into research focused on risk factors associated with hospital-acquired infections and ways to improve patient safety and health outcomes in bone marrow transplant recipients and sickle cell disease.

Research Interests: Antibiotic Resistance, Clinical Research, Data Mining, Epidemiology, Health Outcomes, Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs), Infectious Diseases, Translational Research, and Quality Improvement Processes

Curriculum Vitae

Ashwini Tiwari, PhD

Dr. Tiwari

Assistant Professor, Institute of Public and Preventive Health 
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Health Behavior MCG

Dr. Tiwari’s research program is focused on reducing health disparities among high-risk and victimized populations in a family violence context. Her work focuses on biobehavioral trajectories and responses to trauma-based prevention and intervention efforts, while considering the impact of non-modifiable contextual stressors and intra-individual variation. She has a special interest in stress physiological and genetic profiles among victimized youth populations who receive trauma-based care. Her recent research has focused on understanding the implementation, barriers and effective components of trauma-based treatments for youth victims of sexual abuse in community settings.


Research Interests: family violence, child maltreatment, evidence-based parenting interventions, mental health, biobehavioral stress, trauma-based interventions

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Kip Webster, PhD

Dr. Webster 

Assistant Professor, Institute of Public and Preventive Health 
Assistant Professor, College of Education – Kinesiology

Dr. Webster’s research interests are focused on physical activity behaviors and fundamental motor skill competency in pediatric populations. Her research involves school or early childhood education-based programs that target positive health-related outcomes, such as reducing childhood obesity and increasing physical activity, fitness, motor skill competency, and psychological variables related to health. Her recent research has examined the relationship between physical activity/ motor skill competency to screen-time behaviors, academic achievement, as well as early childhood education center and school policies that directly relate to improving pediatric health.

Research interest: Pediatrics, Fundamental motor skills, Motor Development, Physical Activity, Screen-time, School-based interventions, Childhood Obesity

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