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Dr. Johnson

J. Aaron Johnson, PhD

Interim Director, Institute of Public and Preventive Health
Assistant Division Chief, Health Services Research, Institute of Public and Preventive Health
Associate Professor, Department of Psychological Sciences
Associate Professor, School of Graduate Studies

Dr. Johnson’s research is focused on the implementation of evidence-based practices in substance abuse prevention and treatment. More recently, his research has incorporated technology as a means of enacting behavior change within this field.  

Dr. Johnson has published several validation studies of brief alcohol and/or drug screening tools for use in general medical settings as well as studies examining the implementation of alcohol and drug screening and brief intervention (SBI) in medical settings including primary care, emergency department, trauma unit, and urgent care.  He is the principal investigator of one training grant and the director of evaluation on 2 additional training grants funded by SAMHSA to provide alcohol and drug screening and brief intervention training to health professionals across many disciplines. These projects have resulted in several publications and numerous presentations describing the changes in knowledge, attitudes and behavior resulting from this training.

In addition to these training grants, Dr. Johnson is currently conducting a pilot study using an existing smartphone app, developed as a recovery support tool for alcoholics leaving addiction treatment, with recent parolees identified as high risk for substance use disorders. The intervention group receives a smartphone with app while the control group receives supervision as usual. Follow-ups conducted at 1, 3, and 6 months post-release will determine if the app reduces alcohol and drug use days.

Research Interests: Addiction/Substance Abuse, Behavior and Health, Evaluation, Health Education, Health Literacy, and Health Services Research

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Becky Stone, DrPH

Assistant Professor, Institute of Public and Preventive Health
Assistant Professor, College of Education – Kinesiology

Dr. Stone has utilized her public health education, experience in infection control and epidemiology, and training in the clinical laboratory sciences to build her research expertise in infectious disease and quality improvement. These experiences are a natural segue into research focused on risk factors associated with hospital-acquired infections and ways to improve patient safety and health outcomes in bone marrow transplant recipients and sickle cell disease.

Research Interests: Antibiotic Resistance, Clinical Research, Data Mining, Epidemiology, Health Outcomes, Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs), Infectious Diseases, Translational Research, and Quality Improvement Processes


Nancy Webb, PhD

Division Chief, Education and Program Development, Institute of Public and Preventive Health
Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Professor, School of Graduate Studies
Director, Augusta University Child Care Center

Dr. Webb’s area of expertise is in early childhood education and child development. Her research revolves around environments for young children. Currently, she is studying factors that impact school readiness in Georgia's Quality Rated Centers by identifying aspects of Georgia child care program most critical to children’s school readiness and those most susceptible to intervention.

Research Interests: Adolescent Health/Child Health and Human Development and Family Sciences

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