Table of Contents




I. Introduction

Chapter 1
II. Mission Statement of Augusta University Medical Ethics Committee

Chapter 2
III. Charter of Augusta University Medical Ethics Committee

Chapter 3
IV. Division and Committee Members

Chapter 4
V. Defining Medical Ethics

  1. AU Ethics in Health Care Primer: Methods of Analysis
  2. Hippocratic Oath from Wikipedia
  3. Medical Ethics defined from Wikipedia
Chapter 5.1

Chapter 5.2

Chapter 5.3
VI. The Clinical Consultative Service

  1. Consultative Service Flowchart
  2. Process of Obtaining a Medical Ethics Consultation
  3. Format for Ethics Consultations
  4. Consultation Form
  5. Ethics Consults: Process and Documentation
Chapter 6.1

Chapter 6.2

Chapter 6.3

Chapter 6.4

Chapter 6.5
VII. Glossary of Common Bioethical Terms

  1. Medical Ethics and Hospices Care
  2. Most Frequent Medical Ethics Issues
Chapter 7.1

Chapter 7.2