The Clinical Ethics Consultation Service (CECS) is the clinical service arm of the Center for Bioethics and Health Policy.

The primary purpose of the CECS is to promote and enable morally appropriate and effective clinical decision-making in the AU Health System, including Augusta University Medical Center and the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. Broadly, CECS responds to requests for clinical support in addressing ethical questions that arise from patient care. Ethics consultants work with health care teams to discern appropriate clinical interventions for patients and milestones of effectiveness; they also help patients/families identify and explore relevant preferences and values regarding their clinical goals of care and available medical therapies. Clinical ethics consultation may be requested by any AU Health faculty or staff member, as well as by patients, their surrogates and family members. No fees are charged for this service.

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When to Request Clinical Ethics Consultation

Clinicians, patients and/or families should consider ethics consultation when questions/concerns arise in any of the areas below:

Spanning Clinical Care and Public Health

Creating a space to learn more and ask questions.


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