Integrated Planning

Planning and Assessment in Institutional Effectiveness assures that assessment activities permeate all levels of the university.  In this way planning and assessment at Augusta University serves three major purposes:

  1. To promote improvements in student learning in all academic programs.  
  2. To promote accountability aimed at demonstrating that our institution is committed to data driven decision-making and continuous improvement.
  3. To assist the institution in meeting the requirements of accrediting agencies.

Unit Planning

  • Assists assessment units with planning efforts to ensure that each program has well-articulated outcomes in the form of goals, tactics, and measures
  • Helps units utilize assessment results from planning efforts to improve performance and refine goals, tactics, and measures
  • Supports units with appropriately linking their goals to strategic plans and defined outcomes to regulatory requirements such as SACSCOC and programmatic accreditation
  • Maintains official lists of all administrative, academic support, and educational units