Cyber Defender Certificate

The Hull College of Business offers a number of Certificate programs. These programs are open to any individual interested in attaining the credential—the student need not otherwise be enrolled at Augusta University in a traditional degree program.

The field of Information Assurance (also commonly referred to as Cyber Security) is one of increasing importance to governments and enterprises around the world. Demand for individuals with expertise in this area will continue to grow as society's dependence on information systems grows and society's enemies become ever more adept at bypassing information security measures.

The Cyber Defender certificate program offers course work that should prepare an individual for an entry-level position in the field of information security and assurance. The program requires the completion of six (6) courses as listed below. Any of these courses taken as part of a traditional student's major coursework or as part of another, non-traditional program at Augusta University will apply towards the fulfillment of the certificate requirements, potentially reducing the number of required courses.

Certificate Coursework

To earn the certificate, students must complete the following courses with grades of "C" or better:

Required Courses
  • CSCI 1301 – Principles of Computer Programming I
  • AIST 2320 – Introduction to Computer Networking or MINF 3614 – Business Introduction to Networking or CSCI 3271 – Operating Systems
  • CSCI 3520 – Introduction to Cyber Security
Elective Courses
Complete three (3) of the following:
  • AIST 2330 – System Administration
  • AIST 3410 – Database Management Systems or CSCI 3410 – Database Management Systems
  • CSCI 3531 – Introduction to Defensive Cyber Operations
  • CSCI 3532 – Cyber Network Defense and Counter Measures
  • CSCI 3541 – Digital Forensics
  • CSCI 2700 – Ethics in Computer Science
  • CSCI 3271 – Operating Systems
  • CSCI 3370 – Assembly Programming
  • CSCI 4280 – TCP/IP Protocol Analysis
  • CRJU 3341 – White Collar Crime
  • MINF 3625 – Project Management
  • MINF 3650 – Management Information Systems

Additional details as well as full course descriptions can be found in the Augusta University Catalog.