Analytics Certificate

Responding to the needs of the complex, data-driven workplace, the Hull College has created an Analytics Certificate to further increase the marketability and preparation of its graduates while providing professional development opportunities for alumni and business professionals. Participants completing the certificate are not only investing in their own professional development, they are investing in the future of their organizations because there is such a high demand for current managers to understand, use, and apply big data results.

Management Information Systems and Information Technology majors can pursue the certificate within their normal course of study. Other enrolled students can pursue the certificate in addition to their course of study for their major. Non-enrolled students who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree, can pursue the certificate as a stand-alone certificate.

To earn the certificate, students must complete the following courses with grades of "C" or better:

Required Courses (9 hours)
  • QUAN 4620 - Spreadsheets Modeling and Decision Analysis - Fall, Spring, Summer (requires MATH 2210 and MINF 2201)
  • QUAN 4630 - Business Analytics - Fall (requires MATH 2210 and MINF 2201)
  • BUSA 4960 - Undergraduate Internship - Fall, Spring, Summer
Elective Courses (6 hours — pick two)
  • MKTG 4740 - Marketing Research - Fall, Spring (requires MATH 2210 and MKTG 3700)
  • QUAN 3600 - Introduction to Management Science - Fall, Spring (requires MATH 2210 and MINF 2201)
  • QUAN 4640 - Operations and Supply Chain Management - Fall, Spring (requires MATH 2210 and MINF 2201)
  • QUAN 4650 - Financial Modeling and Operational Risk Analysis - Spring (requires MATH 2210 and MINF 2201)

† Pre-requisites may be waived if proficiency in statistics and Microsoft Excel are demonstrated

Additional details as well as full course descriptions can be found in the Augusta University Catalog.