Business Resources

briefcase icon Hire Hull

Recruit Hull College students to become your future employees. The Hull College curriculum is designed to provide students with the tools to bring success to organizations across multiple industries.

users icon Class Engagement

Promote your business while sharing your expertise with students. Visit a class as a guest lecturer, project judge, or program panelist and engage students in solving a real-world business problem by volunteering your organization for class projects or business showcases.

graduation-cap icon Executive Education

Invest in your workforce by inviting Hull College faculty to deliver training programs that provide your employees with relevant skills necessary for your organization’s success.

comments icon Consultation and Research

Need assistance with overcoming a challenge with in your organization? Utilize Hull College faculty as expert consultants and researchers to find solutions for your challenges.

users icon Employer Partnerships

Develop a pipeline of talent through recognition among Hull College faculty and staff by becoming a “Hull College Employer Partner." Partnerships are a great way to interact with prospective applicants and establish a campus presence to foster your organization’s recruitment needs.