Training Tracks

Welcome to Augusta University and AU Health Human Resources Workforce Development Training Tracks. There are six categories - Customer Service, Professional and Personal Development, Management and Leadership, Procedures, Computer, and Financial. You will see four categories below and then the final two at the bottom of the page. The categories below have all of the sessions available to employees and faculty of Augusta University and AU Health. For each session listed below, you can select the "link" and you will automatically view the course description sheet, which includes the course objectives, as well as contact information should you have questions or need additional information about a course.

For assistance with Training Tracks, please forward requests to Click on category 'tabs' at the top of this table for a list of Course Offerings that link to course descriptions.


Behavioral Crisis Intervention (BCIS) Certification

Electronic Sponsored Programs Route (eSProute) 

Regulatory, Public Policy and Legal

A-21: Cost Principles for Sponsored Projects

All About Leave and FMLA

Wage and Hour Law

Leave Programs and Approvals

Employee Injury and Worker's Compensation

Cost Transfer

Development of an Investigator-Initiated Budget

Effort Reporting and Cost Sharing

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)