Reference Information for TimeNet: 

TimeNet General Information

The link to access TimeNet. This link can be opened in any web browser on campus.  You will not be able to access TimeNet off campus.  It is mandatory that log in occurs using the authorized badge readers and onsite computers.  Accessing the system via a mobile device is a violation of HR and IT Security policies. Please save the above link in your favorites or on your desktop for easy access.

Your login and password for TimeNet will be your NETID and password.  If you do not remember your password contact technical support at 1-4000 to have your password reset.  If you would like to log in to verify your access please feel free to do so.

Tips for Go-live with TimeNet:

Do not use TimeWare if you can’t clock in on TimeNet:
If employees are having trouble clocking into TimeNet for the go live rollout, that doesn’t mean that they should clock into TimeWare instead. Employees will not be paid if they clock into TimeWare.

If you are having trouble locating your punches in the system, make sure you change the pay period view to 3/31-4/14 .  When an employee accesses the Employee Menu, the system will default to the pay period 3/17-3/30. If any employee wants to see their transactions for today (3/31), then they will need to change the pay period to 3/31-4/13. See the screen shot below for more details.

TimeNet Screenshot

Comp Time

There has been a lot of confusion regarding where to manually enter Comp Time Balances in the system. A supervisor or editor must manually update the Comp Time Balances after they have converted OT using the CT Special Code. If the Supervisor fails to do so then their employees will not receive the proper credit for their OT hours worked. The tendency has been for the Timekeepers to attempt to enter balances using the Benefit Balance Card instead of the Benefit Balance Button. I have colored the “Benefit Balance Button” fire engine red in an attempt to help ease some of the confusion. Please see the screen shot below:

Comp Time Screenshot

There are two other common points of confusion that we have had with Comp Time.

  • A supervisor will not be able to adjust the Comp Time Balances unless they are in the current pay period of the Time Card Screen. If you access the Benefit Balance Button while using the prior pay period then the system will not allow you to make any changes in the leave panels.
  • A Supervisor may be required to add the CT special code to more than one punch in a week. Please see the following example:

John Doe worked 10 hours on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. He also worked 8 hours on Thursday so he has 38 hours heading into Friday. He works from 8 to 12 on Friday and then clocks out for lunch. At this point he has 42 hours, so the CT special code must be added to his out punch for lunch on Friday. This will convert the two hours of OT to Comp Time. The CT Special Code would also have to be added to his final out punch on Friday. If the code isn’t added to both out punches in this scenario then only part of the OT will be converted to Comp Time. If John was to come in and work on Saturday then the CT code would have to added to the Saturday out punch as well.

PLA Codes in TimeNet:

PLA - Academic - Professional Leadership Activities - Academic (cap 15 days per fiscal year):  For Academic Faculty on 9/10 month contract

PLA - Fiscal - Professional Leadership Activities - Fiscal (cap 20 days per fiscal year):  For Academic Faculty on 12 month contract, Administrative Faculty and Staff

If codes are not entered correctly, TimeNet will not be able to correctly calculate PLA, and will not issue the appropriate warning messages if/when the limits are reached.

Reference Information for TimeNet:

TimeNet is the new time and attendance system for the enterprise.  It replaced Timeware, a twenty year old system currently used by the Medical Center, Health Sciences campus and GCHC.  Currently Medical Associates handles this manually. TimeNet replaced ADP on the Summerville campus on December 23, 2012 with our initial go live rollout.

Advantages and Benefits:
TimeNet is a major upgrade and better meets the needs of our growing enterprise. We improved efficiency by standardization of some processes, procedures and pay policies. TimeNet provides non-exempt employees with the ability to:

  • Clock-in/clock-out from a badge reader or via web portal on their computer.  No mobile devices can be used.
  • Receive a confirmation that clocking was accepted.
  • Use touch screen feature with the badge reader.
  • View and manage their timecard information via an employee self-service portal.
  • Access real time information - no more waiting until the next day to see punches.
  • Review timecards, track hours worked, view leave time balances from anywhere with web portal access.
  • Request time off through the web portal or badge reader.
  • Streamline and track transaction requests.
  • Utilize a convenient and user-friendly web-based application.
  • Use same login ID and password as used for email.
  • Access accurate information; badge readers are much more reliable than current system. 

Policy Changes:

  • Lunch All non-exempt employees will clock in/clock out for lunch.
  • Extra Duty - All Medical Center non-exempt employees will now clock in/clock out for extra duty.

Policy Reminders:

  • Workday Start & End Times
    • All non-exempt employees clock in at the beginning of their shift and clock out at the end of their workday.
  •  Breaks
    • Breaks are at the discretion of the supervisor. There is no law that requires breaks, but if provided, they need to be brief if they are to be compensable. 
    • Any break over 15 minutes would generally warrant the employee clocking out and back in.
    • Breaks cannot be combined with lunch. If combined with lunch, they become part of the lunch break which is not compensable.
    • It should not be a normal practice to forfeit lunch and use breaks as lunch. While circumstances may arise that cause an employee to work through lunch on a given day, this should not be the norm and an employee's schedule should not be set up as if this is the norm.
    • Lunches are generally 30 minutes or 1 hour in duration depending on department policy where the employee works.


Supervisor TimeNet Handbook: