PeopleSoft Human Resources Management System (University)

System Access:

  1. Internal & Manager Self Service:

Manager Dashboard

  1. Email all questions to:
  2. PeopleSoft HRMS Departmental Access Request form

Online Training:

        ePerformance Training:

         1. Email all questions to:

         2. Manager ePerformance Training

         3. Staff ePerformance Training

Employee Self Service (SoftServ):

  1. Accessing Employee Self Service (SoftServ) 
  2. Personalizing Your Homepage
  3. Viewing and Updating Your Name 
  4. Viewing and Updating Your Address 
  5. Viewing and Updating Your Phone Numbers 
  6. Viewing and Updating Emergency Contacts 
  7. Viewing and Updating Marital Status 
  8. View and Print Pay Advice 
  9. Viewing and Updating Direct Deposit 
  10. Viewing and Updating W-4 Tax Information 
  11. Printing W-2's
  12. Viewing Benefit Summary 
  13. Viewing Dependent/Beneficiary Info 
  14. Viewing and Apply for Jobs

Manager Self Service (PS HRMS)

  1. Accessing Manager Self Service (PS HRMS)
  2. Navigating to the Manager Dashboard
  3. Personalizing Your Manager Dashboard
  4. Viewing Employee Information
  5. Originating a Termination
  6. Originating a Retirement
  7. Originating a Transfer
  8. Originating a Leave of Absence
  9. Originating a Return from Leave
  10. Originating an Ad Hoc Salary Change
  11. Originating an Additional Pay
  12. Originating a Distribution Change
  13. Originating a Template Based Hire - PT Non-Benefit Eligible Faculty
  14. Originating a Template Based Hire - Temporary Exempt
  15. Originating a Template Based Hire - (Temporary Non-Exempt)
  16. Originating a Template Based Hire - Student (Exempt)
  17. Originating a Template Based Hire - Student (Non-Exempt)
  18. Originating a Template Based Hire - Resident
  19. Originating a Template Based Hire - Resident (Part-time)
  20. Originating a Template Based Hire - Rehired Retiree (Exempt)
  21. Originating a Template Based Hire - Rehired Retiree (Non-Exempt)
  22. Originating a Template Based Hire - Non-Paid Affiliate
  23. Adding an Approver to workflow
  24. Reviewing Your Transactions
  25. Accessing Your Approvals
  26. Approving a Transfer
  27. Approving a Leave of Absence
  28. Approving a Return from Leave
  29. Approving an Ad Hoc Salary Change 
  30. Approving a Distribution Change
  31. Approving Additional Pay
  32. Updating BOR Fund and Effort
  33. PS HRMS ePAR Workflow

Hiring Manager - Talent Acquisition Management (Recruiting) PDFs

  1. Creating a Job Opening
  2. Screening Candidates
  3. Creating Interview Schedule and Evaluations
  4. Making the Job Offer Steps
  5. Approval Process for a Job Opening for Posting eRecruit
  6. Viewing Job Opening

 Videos play-circle icon

  1. How to view your job opening
  2. Screening Candidates
  3. How to create a job opening
  4. Creating the Interview Schedule Evaluation and Make Offer
  5. Approval process for a job opening

         PeopleSoft Communications

  1. PeopleSoft Upgrade Complete - 5/6/2014