Health System Records

Records maintains and controls access to Medical Center employee personnel files.

The goal of the section is to keep accurate electronic personnel records. Supervisors may review the personnel file of those employees in their areas of responsibility in the presence of a Personnel Records staff member. In addition, a current employee may review his/her own personnel file in the presence of a Personnel Records staff member.  Records is responsible for access to employee records, changes in employment status, (promotion, transfer, full/part-time), the clearance process, Employee Information Forms (EIF) processing, payroll deduction questions and a host of other records-related processes.

Effective October 31, 2017 AU Medical Center Records will no longer process verification internally. Please see information below to request a verification.

Employment Verification Requests


**Records related information can now be emailed to or faxed to 706-721-4106.  The telephone number for Medical Center Records is 706-721-5506.