Post Tenure Review - Guidelines

8.3.5 Evaluation of Personnel (Excerpt from the BOR Policy Manual - 800 Section) Post Tenure Review for Tenured Faculty and Administrators

Each institution shall conduct post-tenure reviews of all tenured faculty members.  Each faculty member is to be reviewed five (5) years after the most recent promotion or personnel action, and reviews shall continue at five-year intervals unless interrupted by a further review for promotion.

Administrators who have tenure and who also have some teaching responsibilities will not be subject to post-tenure review as long as a majority of their duties are administrative in nature.  At such time as an administrator may return full-time to the faculty, she/he will be placed into the post-tenure review cycle and will be evaluated under those guidelines as a faculty member in the fifth year following the return to the faculty and at subsequent five year intervals (BoR Minutes, August 2007).

The institution president shall review and approve institutional post-tenure review policies, as well as any subsequent revisions.  These institutional policies must conform to the institution's mission and to USG procedures for post-tenure review.  Institutional policies also shall address cases in which a tenured faculty member's performance is deemed unsatisfactory (BoR Minutes, April 1996, p. 39-47; May 1996, p. 52; February 2007).

Please see the following documents for more specific information:

Augusta University Evaluation of Faculty Policy

Augusta University Promotion & Tenure Guidelines - Post-Tenure Review information located on pages 30-32.

Tenured faculty members who are eligible for post-tenure review will be notified in writing by the Provost in the fall of their 5th post tenure academic year, and the review will be conducted in the spring of that academic year.

Timeline for Post Tenure Review

Year Tenure Awarded or
Year of Last Review
Completion of 5 years
Post Tenure Service
Review Occurs
2016-17 June 30, 2022 Spring 2022
2017-18 June 30, 2023 Spring 2023
2018-19 June 30, 2024 Spring 2024
2019-20 June 30, 2025 Spring 2025
2020-21 June 30, 2026 Spring 2026
2021-22 June 30, 2027 Spring 2027
2022-23 June 30, 2028 Spring 2028
2023-24 June 30, 2029 Spring 2029
2024-25 June 30, 2030 Spring 2030