Resident Assistant Program

Duties and responsibilities of the RA position

Resident Assistants

General Description

The RA role is one of a community facilitator and role model in an educational program, providing leadership and assisting residents in developing a positive community environment through the building of strong and intentional relationships with residents. A positive learning environment is one where active learning takes place through RA facilitated opportunities for faculty and resident interaction, seeking resident involvement, and creating a sense of community among residents.  The RA program is part of the overall educational activity and programming provided by Housing and Residence Life and helps educate selected participants on a variety of issues relevant to student housing and student affairs among other areas.  

Community Development

Develop a responsible living environment on the wing, floor, or breezeway by regular student interactions, mentoring opportunities, and programming efforts as appropriate.  RAs are role models to their residences, and RAs hold diverse perspectives and often draw on their own experiences to help guide their residents through Augusta University.

Team Member

Display a positive attitude and support toward all staff and Housing and Residence Life.  Share highlights, concerns, and issues in your community with other team members.  Attend all training sessions and staff meetings. Role model a commitment to personal and professional development.

Community Mediator

RAs create a welcoming and comfortable living environment for all residents, and should use their provided meal plan to build community by eating in the dining hall with residents.  Engage students in new activities that may expose them to different perspectives on issues and topics relevant to diverse community needs. Address issues of intolerance, incivility, and other types of conflict in consultation with the Residence Life Coordinator.

Administrative Functions

Complete administrative tasks such as check-in, check-out, maintenance requests, incident reports, and other reports as assigned by supervising Residence Life Coordinator.  Remain in assigned community and perform duty rounds as designated by supervisor while serving on duty.  Work scheduled desk hours; post and share information related to housing process, and other campus or community events.

A Resident Assistant must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time student at Augusta University.
  • We prioritize your commitment to achieving academic success, and want to support you in your journey toward degree completion.  The following policies are designed to support you as you balance your commitment to our leadership position and your academic career.

RAs are expected to continue positive academic progress by:

  • Maintaining a cumulative of 2.75 or greater at the time of appointment and throughout the term of employment.  (Some learning communities may require a higher GPA.) 
  • Receiving a semester GPA of 2.75 or greater.  If a staff member is pre-employment, meaning they have not started the first semester of the RA role, a semester or cumulative GPA below (2.75) will result in individual consultation and academic action plan with the Academic Initiatives Coordinator. 
  • Graduate students must be in good academic standing with their department or school.
  • Any issue of academic dishonesty may also be addressed and may result in termination. 
  • Undergraduate RAs must be registered for at least 12 credit hours, and Graduate RAs must be registered for at least 9 credit hours to stay eligible for the position.  RAs may not carry more than 18 credit hours per semester or more than one evening class unless granted prior permission by the Assistant Director for Residence Life.  RAs may be asked to drop hours in excess of 18 credit hours.
  • Any student awarded an RA position must be in good conduct standing with the University.
  • RAs must live on campus in her/his assigned room during the term of the work award.

Staff placement is at the discretion of Housing and Residence Life staff, and may be reassigned at the discretion of Housing and Residence Life during the academic year. The needs of the resident population as well as the strengths of the individual staff member are taken into consideration during the assignment process.

Timeline for Resident Assistant Application 2018-2019

Application Available:
Tuesday November 1, 2017
Mandatory Information Sessions:

  • October 24st Oak Hall Connect Space 6 PM
  • November 1st Elm Hall 2nd Floor Seminar Room 6 PM
  • November 2nd UV 5102 6 PM
  • November 7th Elm Hall Seminar Room 6 PM
  • November 8th Oak Hall Connect Space 8 PM
  • November 13th UV 5102 6 PM

This is a great opportunity to learn firsthand about the RA position and selection process. 

Application, Background Checks, and Recommendation Forms Due:  Friday, January 12, 2018 at 11:59pm.

Applicants will be evaluated on academic, student, and criminal conduct history, application, resume, and recommendation forms. Please remember that recommendation forms (2) are considered part of the application and must be completed and turned in, in order for your application to be processed. 

Group Process: Friday, February 19, 2018. Candidates must attend.

Please dress comfortably since you will be moving around a lot throughout the day. Tardiness for your session is unacceptable and could result in your candidacy being withdrawn. If you have a need for any accommodations, please let the Office of Disability Services know in advance.  Candidates will be invited to continue onto the interview process after group Process.

Individual Interviews: Saturday, February 10, 2018 9:00am - 5:00pm

A panel of housing representatives will conduct interviews. Interviews will last approximately one half-hour. All applicants receiving an invite to participate in the interview process should sign up for an interview time slot. Dress is professional.