Laundry in the Residence Halls

Laundry Tips

  • Be sure to EMPTY POCKETS of all items- we are having a big issue with BOBBY PINS in particular getting stuck in the pumps and breaking the washers.
  • Make sure you use only a small amount of soap. Follow manufacturer's instructions and if using a front-load washer, make sure that you ONLY USE H-E (high-efficiency) type detergent. Look for the H-E logo on the bottle. All brands make this type.

  • PRETREAT any STAINS! If a stain does not come out in the wash, don't dry it! Drying can set stains so instead try pre-treating and washing again.
    READ and follow CLOTHING LABELS! Each item of clothing has instructions listed that will tell you how to wash/dry properly.
    SORT into at least lights and darks unless you want all of your clothes to be the same color!
    Make sure you clean out the DRYER LINT FILTER every time.
    1 wash load = 1 dry load! Do not try and dry more than 1 wash load as it will not dry!
    Please report any service issues so we can fix them promptly!

Wash Alert

All of our machines are connected to the Wash Alert app.  

This app allows you to:

  • Track your laundry
  • Receive a text message when your loud is done in a machine
  • Track the availability of machines within your community
  • Submit work orders for the laundry machines