Thesis Information

The honors thesis is a project of research, scholarship, or creative activity completed by an honors student under the mentorship of a thesis adviser, a faculty member of the student's choice whose area of expertise relates directly to the subject matter of the thesis. Here is a complete Thesis Manual.

Upon its completion and approval, a student's honors thesis is published in Augusta University's scholarly commons library repository: The honors program will also pay for the binding of two copies, one given to the student and one housed in the Quad Wall Building.

Resources for Students in Thesis

Q: How long does the Thesis sequence take?
A: The Thesis sequence takes at least three semesters, one each for Prospectus, Thesis, and Capstone. Some students, provided they begin early enough, will take an additional research semester between Prospectus and Thesis.

Q: When may I begin working on the Thesis sequence?
A: Students who plan to graduate in four years typically begin working on the Thesis sequence during the junior year. Those who begin in the spring semester must complete the sequence in consecutive semesters, while those who start in the fall semester have the option of taking a research semester.
More rarely, students begin the sequence during the sophomore year. This option should be reserved only for students who must begin a 2+2 program (e.g., Nursing, Allied Health) in the junior year and who have completed significant undergraduate research by fall of the sophomore year.

Q: What help will I get in composing my Thesis?
A: All Thesis writers will be assisted by at least three faculty members:
•    A Thesis adviser, chosen by the student
•    An in-field reader, also chosen by the student
•    An HP chair and perhaps an HP representative, both chosen by the HP director
The roles of these panel members are detailed in the Prospectus & Thesis Manual, available on the HP web site.

Q: How best should I prepare to begin the Thesis sequence?
A: The best preparation is to get involved with undergraduate research during the sophomore year. This can be done by consulting with the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship ( or by discussing with the HP director or a faculty member. At the very least, discuss potential Thesis topics with faculty members in either your academic department or the department in which you want to conduct research.

Q: May I take Prospectus, Thesis, or Capstone during the summer?
A: While students are encouraged to conduct research during the summer, no parts of the Thesis sequence may be taken for credit during the summer, due to the abbreviated time period and the decreased accessibility of faculty advisers.

Q: Must I take Thesis the semester directly after I take Prospectus?
A: A student who begins the Thesis sequence with at least four semesters remaining before graduation (e.g., beginning fall 2018 with plans to graduate in spring 2020) may take a research semester between Prospectus and Thesis or between Thesis and Capstone. Any student who begins the Thesis sequence with fewer than four semesters remaining before graduation must take all parts of the sequence consecutively.

Q: May I be enrolled in Capstone if I have not yet finished my Thesis?
A: Yes. A student who does not complete the Thesis during the appropriate semester may apply for a grade of “Incomplete” (form is available on the HP website) and finish work during the Capstone semester. For students who plan to graduate at the end of the Capstone semester, however, all Thesis work must be completed no later than four weeks before the final day of classes.

Q: May I take Thesis and Capstone concurrently?
A: We strongly advise that students not take these two courses at the same time. A major assignment during Capstone is to present research at an honors conference. It is difficult to create a good presentation if the Thesis is incomplete. Plan ahead so these courses can be taken separately.

Capstone-HONR 4500H

Honors Program Application  Honors Scholar Application

The graduation application must be submitted to the Augusta University Registrar as well as to the Director of the Honors Program by midterm of the term preceding your final semester of coursework. Remember to keep a copy for your personal records.