Honors Program Student Association

Meet Our Officers

photo of Joselyn Amadiz Bonila

Joselyn Amadiz Bonila

  • President
  • Cell and Molecular Biology, Junior

"I am a third-year majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology with a minor in Chemistry in a Pre-med Track. The Honors Program is a place that I can call my home away from home. The great relationship between my peers, smaller classes, being pushed out of my comfort zone, and amazing faculty are a few of the things that make up the Honors Program. The Quad wall building is the place where hard-work, gatherings, and friendships are seen in the daily. I could not think of going through my college years without being part of the Honors Program. By acting as the president of HPSA, I have the opportunity to assist in making the transition into college easier for incoming honor’s students and showcase all the amazing things the program has to offer. Overall, the Honors program is more than a program, it's a community."

photo of Margaret Wade

Margaret Wade

  • Vice President
  • Chemistry, Senior

"I am a Chemistry major on the Professional track with intentions to go to graduate school for Medicinal Chemistry. In my free time I enjoy reading, hanging out with friends, and making science memes! The reason I chose to work with the Honors Program Student Association is that I wanted to contribute to finding new ways to get more students involved in the program. I encourage every student to be an active member of the Honors Program because it has provided me with much more than just advancing my education. The faculty and students will encourage you to not just succeed, but to excel. There will be many lifelong friendships and memories created in the honors classes and in the Quad Wall. I am excited to keep being involved in helping many more students accept everything the program has to offer!" 

photo of Udochukwu Amanamba

Udochukwu Amanamba

  • Secretary
  • Psychology, Sophomore
"My name is Udochukwu Amanamba, popularly called Yudee (U-D). I am a Psychology major on the pre-med track. When I am not studying, volunteering at Augusta University Health or working on a research project, I enjoy tutoring, going on road trips with friends, outdoor adventures, dancing to Afro beat music, and spending time with my nieces and nephew. I made the decision to join the honors program after my first semester of college and can boldly say that that was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The honors program has not only given me the opportunity to grow intellectually, but has brought me great friends and community that have made my stay in college enjoyable. Honors program is truly a place to be and it is my hope that you take full advantage of the community and friendship that HPSA offers. I look forward to meeting you soon!"
photo of Eyana Thomas

Eyana Thomas

  • Treasurer
  • Cell and Molecular Biology & Chemistry, Junior
"I am a junior majoring in Cell and Molecular Biology and Chemistry. I am currently the Honors Program Student Assistant and have been since my first semester here at AU. By taking this position, I have met lifelong friends and seen the honors program grow. I have witnessed the hard work and dedication of my fellow peers. I joined HPSA to foster an environment of community for all honors students. When I'm not studying or in the Quad, I enjoy knitting and crocheting. I packed more yarn than clothes when I moved to Augusta."
photo of Lily Heath

Lily Heath

  • Social Media Chair
  • Art, Sophomore

"I am a second year Art major with a concentration in Graphic Design. While I’m not entirely certain where this journey will begin, my end goal is to someday have a studio of my own working with people from all concentrations. If it’s art, I have probably tried-emphasis here on tried - to make it a hobby but not always succeeded. Dragons are kind of my thing, just ask anyone who has wandered past the art labs. I am originally from Texas (if you can relate we’ll get along just fine), so I love a good two-step and sky as far as the eye can see. I’m not picky with my free time, but I most enjoy spending time at the range, playing video games, being outdoors, or just reading a good book. Disclaimer, that book is probably actually a series and it’s probably super 'nerdy', so feel free to rant to me in Elvish about how that one character doesn’t even exist in the books. That brings me to the Honors Program here at Augusta University, one of the best places to go to really be yourself with people who appreciate that. My decision to work with and be involved in HPSA came after seeing just how much support comes from this group of people. It was the family I found in the Honors Program that reminded me that college can be an enormous opportunity to make healthy memories and life decisions. My goal here is to continue to welcome people into that family and give them a home away from home at the Quad. I look forward to meeting you all!"

photo of Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith

  • Social Events Chair
  • Medicinal Chemistry, Junior
"I’m a junior majoring in Medicinal Chemistry. I hope to become a Pharmacist. I have been a part of the Honors Program for over three years as I joined when I was a dual enrolled student. For the past three years, I have participated in undergraduate research in genetic biology at AU. My hobbies are landscape photography, traveling, and kayaking.  I have greatly enjoyed being a part of the Honors Program for the last three years. The Honors Program has given me friendships as well as opportunities to better my college experience both inside and outside the classroom. I am looking forward to extending a welcoming feeling to you as well as aiding you in your college journey here at AU. I am excited to meet you!" 
photo of Queen Tran

Queen Tran

  • Service Chair
  • Medicinal Chemistry, Junior
"I am the HPSA service chair and a third year medicinal chemistry major on the pre-physician assistant track. I love working with HPSA and being a part of the honors program because I feel a sense of belonging, and I truly believe that this program is like a family to me. I get to meet so many different people and stay connected with them through this program. Aside from classes, studying, shadowing at the hospital, and hanging out with friends, I love being active either by hiking, swimming, or exploring new places around Augusta. My pun game is as strong as my love for chemistry, and I look forward to meeting you all!"