Reduce, reuse, recycle


The Green Team, in response to employee input during the 2010 Enterprise-wide Strategic Planning process, is charged with developing and promoting a more eco-friendly work environment. This team is working to facilitate a coordinated enterprise-wide recycling program in which all employees can participate.

Recycling at Augusta University-Augusta University Health is multi-faceted. The kinds of materials recycled and repurposed are diverse. Specific hospital and campus departments are charged with waste management, the proper handling, storage, and disposal of medical and research by-products and chemicals, and with diverting recyclable items from the waste stream.

Everyone at Augusta University Can Recycle

Recycling is an enterprise-wide initiative! Some inventive departments have created their own recycling efforts. Get inspired! Record and share your recycling successes on the Green Team website. Visit Making a Difference to read about your colleague's recycling innovations and programs!

Recycling Toner and Ink Cartridges

The Employee Advisory Council and Green Team are collecting toner and ink jet cartridges for recycling. Collect used cartridges from your campus department, then email Allen Edmunds at or Kerry Cartledge at for pickups every Friday. The proceeds (40 cents $1 per cartridge) will be used for campus-wide functions.