Members and Committees

Role and Responsibility of The Team

The role of The Green Team is to bring together the perspectives of various stakeholders to ensure that sustainable principles and practices reflect the resources and mission of The Enterprise. The Green Team is not an oversight, or rulemaking body, and thus is expected to arrive at decisions by consensus rather than by vote.

The Team's responsibilities include:

  • Determine and promote the implementation of practical ways to foster sustainability.
  • Establish metrics for quantifying, benchmarking, and prioritizing sustainability initiatives for The Enterprise.
  • Develop tools and incentives that will make the sustainable choice the best choice.
  • Communicate and promote sustainability accomplishments both internally and externally.
  • Sponsor an annual green event on campus each April, to coincide with Earth Day celebrations.

Members and Work Groups (Committees)

The Green Team is composed of a core group and smaller volunteer work groups established to move the sustainability initiative forward.

Core Members
  • Mario Enriquez, Co-Chair
  • Mark Williams, Co-Chair
  • Sharon Quick
  • Clayton Trover
  • Celvin Mitchell
  • Alan Sauls
  • Lora Walczak
  • Gregory Woodlief


Work Groups



  • Lora Walczak, Group co-leader
  • Alan Sauls, co-leader
  • Teresa McCullen
  • MaryAnn Scraper
  • Jay Hedge
  • Gregory Woodlief, Group co-leader
  • Clayton Trover
  • David White
  • Igbal Khan
  • Aimee Sweet
  • Kevin Horton
  • Erika Bowdre
  • Karen Herrington
  • Reginia White


  • Mark Williams, Group co-leader
  • Nicholas Bennett
  • Helen Bentz
  • Phillip Avery
  • Jay Howell