• A strong didactic program combined with advanced research in Allied Health Sciences 
  • Opportunities to work with outstanding faculty with expertise in health services
  • Prepares interprofessional, research-focused, and clinically-oriented faculty in the health sciences
  • Produces scholars capable of advancing the discovery, dissemination and application of new knowledge in the health sciences


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Raymond Chong, PhD
Program Director

Phillip McCants
Program Coordinator 
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The PhD program in Applied Health Sciences (AHS) is an interdisciplinary program to provide advanced study and research training opportunities for Allied Health professionals. The program is offered in three tracks: Healthcare Outcomes Science, Rehabilitation Science, and Diagnostics Science.  Our program combines advanced health care education with excellence in research, teaching students research skills required for (innovative) healthcare problem solving.  Graduates of this collaborative program will be research-focused and clinically oriented, able to work on health care teams in evidence-based practice or as allied health faculty.


Raymond Chong, PhD  Program Director

"Our interdisciplinary educational approach produces future leaders that will advance the science and practice of health care. We train our students to be stewards that will uphold the highest standard in their field of practice. We welcome you to our program. " 

 Raymond Chong, PhD

Student Profiles| Stephanie Johnson & Lawrence Ramiscal


Raymond Chong, PhD  Program Director

"I enjoy research, but needed enhanced knowledge and skills to produce quality research. This program is allowing me to do just that- become an expert within the field of my choice (ALS and QoL) while learning the essentials to be a solid researcher."  - Stephanie Johnson 

"As a clinician first and foremost, the program allows me to continue to think like one while I start transforming of becoming a scientist for which my research will support the advancement of my profession of physical therapy." - Lawrence Ramiscal

 Meet Stephanie and Lawrence >>