Key Highlights of the Program

  • Sports Coaching certificate is the only coaching-specific certificate approved by the Board of Regents in the State of Georgia and is conveniently delivered through a 100% online platform.
  • Students are offered opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research in the Physiology, Exercise, Diet and Locomotion Lab (PEDAL) and the Nutrition, Stress and Exercise Lab (NESL).
  • Internship opportunities in your area of interest to gain important real world experience.

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Graeme Connolly, PhD
Program Director

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The Master of Science in Kinesiology (MSK) at Augusta University is a program that consists of a rigorous exercise and sports science-based core along with an approved certificate program and other elective courses that offer flexibility as well as the opportunity to specialize.

The MSK is comprised of two tracks (thesis and non-thesis) and is taught by faculty with expertise in exercise physiology, exercise psychology, nutrition, motor learning, sports coaching/pedagogy and research methods.


Thesis trackAllows students to work with like-minded research-focused faculty in the development, execution and write-up of a study specifically related to kinesiology while completing the degree requirements.

Non-thesis trackGives students the opportunity to complete an internship experience in a kinesiology-related area of interest while completing the degree requirements.  The  MSK non-thesis track is 100% online.


Grame Connolly, PhD

"Our rigorous exercise science-based program produces future leaders that are well-prepared to meet the unique demands of our diverse and rapidly expanding field. It is an exciting time to be a Kinesiology graduate student and we look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant and cutting-edge Master’s program."
Graeme Connolly, PhD


Megan Bunning, PhD  Program Director

"I enjoyed learning throughout my undergraduate years at Augusta University. I loved my professors and I wanted continue to the next step in my academic career. My professors encouraged me to pursue a masters degree. They were authentically interested in my success.  The faculty care and are genuine here. This is how I knew that I only wanted to pursue my graduate degree at Augusta University. " 

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