• Promotes scholarly practice for Educational Innovation & Change 
  • Advances social justice, peace and compassion via Education 
  • Engages students in research that addresses real world educational problems of practice
  •  Cohort program model that promotes collaborative problem-solving & action 


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Rebecca Harper, PhD
Program Director

Lakeisha Thigpen
Admission and Certification Coordinator



Doctor of Education with a Major in Educational Innovation (EdD) prepares scholarly practitioners to: dynamically respond to evolving educational systems, thoughtfully generate potential solutions to educational problems, creatively foster innovation and transformative change, and critically advocate for social justice via ethically-informed.

The 55-hour cohort program of study includes 19 hours of core coursework, 9 hours in a concentration of either curriculum and instruction or educational leadership, 12 hours in research, and 15 hours Capstone/Dissertation in Practice, wherein real educational problems are collaboratively studied and addressed.  Course of study is offered via an executive weekend model to meet for the needs of working professionals.

The program is completed in 9 consecutive semesters.


Dr. Rebecca Harper

"The EdD in Educational Innovation engages students in authentic problems of practice while focusing on social justice and educational change. Impact and engagement are core features of our program.” 

Rebecca Harper, PhD
Associate Professor of Language and Literacy and Program Director

Student Profile

Benton Cunningham

"I have a true passion for teaching and learning. The Ed.D. Program will allow me to augment my professional knowledge to provide my students with a robust learning experience utilizing advanced pedagogy and research based best practices." 

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