Welcome to our Biomedical Sciences Graduate Programs!  We are happy you are here. We hope your time at Augusta University will be both enjoyable and fruitful  - time well spent.  While this will require dedication and hard work on your part, we are committed to providing support and guidance to help you succeed. 

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photo of Jennifer Sullivan, PhD

Jennifer Sullivan, PhD

  • First Year Program Director


Meet a few of our first year students

We asked students from the enering Fall 2020 class:

1. Why did you choose our Biomedical Science PhD program at AU?

2. What are your first impressions (of the program) so far?

3. What are your goals for your first year in the program?

4. Share with us a "Fun Fact" 

Here's what some had to say ... 

photo of St. Christin Bryant

St. Christin Bryant


I was drawn to the program because of the breadth of research that occurs here, and because this program allows us to rotate through several labs before deciding on a "home department and lab" in which to complete our PhD.  When I came down for the interview day, I immediately felt welcome and appreciated.  By the end of that interview period, I knew that I had found the right fit for me.  



I absolutely love the program!!  All of the people I have interacted with - faculty, staff, and students - have made me feel welcome and like a valued part of the program (even this early into my time here).  Everyone here is very supportive.  On top of this, the academic instruction is amazing.  Every lecture is exciting and filled with useful, up-to-date material that will prepare us well for our future scientific careers!  



I have to be honest and say that I am interested in research being conducted in every department that is part of the biomedical sciences program.  As such, my biggest goal for the first year is to find a department and lab that is a perfect fit for me.  There is cutting edge, worthwhile research being done throughout the program, so no matter where I end up I know I will leave here well prepared for a scientific career!  



I have previously worked for Sea World Orlando, Universal Orlando, and the Walt Disney World Resort!  Scientifically, while working on the thesis research for my master's degree I located pathogenic chytrid fungus in a location in Tennessee where it had not previously been found.  

photo of Jaser Doja

Jaser Doja


 AU has an incredible clinical side to all the research work being done and that was a big deal to me! I wanted a university and program that would not only have the resources for me to do work relevant to problems seen today but also one that would challenge my perspectives of these issues.



The Biomedical program is full of incredible faculty and upperclassman who are all incredibly willing to help in any way. It is a very welcoming program for sure!



My goals during my first year are to establish a strong networking foundation by meeting as many faculty as possible as well as becoming close to my first-year classmates. It also would not hurt to get a couple of papers published if possible!



I love to experiment with electronics! I occasionally get to fix my friend’s phones and have coded a smart mirror before.

photo of Jennifer Dorn

Jennifer Dorn


I chose AU Biomedical Sciences PhD program because as a graduate of the AU Undergraduate program I was amazed at the dedication my professors on Summerville have to their students. Most of my professors there had responsibilities between both campuses and advocated the PhD program, as well as the other, diverse programs offered here. I knew that the care and support would carry from undergrad to The graduate school.



I am so impressed with the Graduate schools dedications to individual students success. The class sizes are small, which gives us a unique advantage to really get to know all of our professors and fellow students. The culture is so diverse and welcoming!



My goal for my first year is to really make a family out of both my class and the lab and department I chose to work with! My class is such an amazingly smart and talented group of people. We will be each other’s best support system throughout our PhD training!



A fun fact about me is I am married with a four year old daughter and my husband and I are in the process of buying our first house together! I actually love school and learning, while reading and true crime podcasts are my biggest downtime hobbies! I am originally from Michigan and I love the snow!

photo of Natalie Jackson

Natalie Jackson


I chose this program for it's a wide variety and exciting research. Also, to its commitment to ensuring that all students are given the opportunity to excel in their field of interest. 



I love the environment, everyone is always ready to help. Also, the classes are very informative and I have been learning a lot. 



To find a home lab, get to know my cohort and everyone else in the department, connect and learn from all the reputable professors.  



I enjoy working out and everything related to fitness. I also have a 4th degree black belt in karate.

photo of Mercy Kehinde-Ige

Mercy Kehinde-Ige



 I chose the Biomedical Science program at AU because of its smaller student to faculty ratio compared to other research institutions. It gives me the opportunity to learn with personal attention from faculty and get the best out of my time here.



I really like how the faculty, staff, and students make themselves available to help us transition into the program. In my experience so far, they have been able to address all the concerns that have had come up and really made my transition as smooth as possible.



I am hoping to really refresh my current theoretical knowledge and built on that. I’m also hoping to build connections that will help me throughout my program and beyond.



I love to read about and look up new stuff so I always end up knowing a lot of little facts and things about random topics.

photo of Dominique Monroe

Dominique Monroe


The Biomedical Sciences PhD program had the widest variety of programs, mentors, and opportunities for success out of all the Biomed PhD programs I visited. When I interviewed I felt welcomed and that everyone here already knew who I was and cared about my future success. 



It has been amazing! I have not been here long but the student-to-faculty ratio makes every student have a voice in the classroom. There is a big fish in a small pond sensation here at AU.



My goals for my first year in the program are to engage with the other students and form long-lasting relationships, find a mentor and research project that I love, and absorb all the knowledge that I can from my classes to become a better scientist.



My fun student fact is that I love to listen to Neil Degrasse Tyson’s astrophysics podcasts while doing lab work! 

photo of Karah Moulton Greene

Karah Moulton Greene


I chose the Biomedical Science PhD program at AU because I loved the collaborative environment of the university and I knew a lot of the faculty were conducting groundbreaking research that I wanted to be a part of.



My first impressions so far are that the faculty and administration in The Graduate School truly want us to succeed and consider our happiness and success a top priority.



I am hoping to really refresh my current theoretical knowledge and built on that. I’m also hoping to build connections that will help me throughout my program and beyond.



A fun fact about me is that I love to play tennis.
photo of Connor O'Neill

Connor O'Neill


I was seeking a PhD program with a great deal of both focus and breadth. More specifically, the right program would provide opportunities to perform groundbreaking research specifically in the biomedical sciences, but from a wide variety of disciplines within them. Whether I end up studying pharmacology, genomics, or anything else, I can be sure to find a project at Augusta University that could directly impact potential advances in healthcare!


When I first interviewed at Augusta University as part of my application for admission, I came away with the impression that this was the right place to be. The first couple of weeks have only validated that first impression. The program here is designed in a way that I feel will maximize my success, both in the classroom and (eventually) in the lab!



My primary goal is to perform well in all my courses, not just for the grades but also for the foundational knowledge I will need in my research down the line. The other major goal is to make sure I choose my rotations (and, ultimately, the lab I will eventually join) WISELY! I’m not looking for the “best” lab to join, I’m looking for the right one for me.



Fun fact: With the birth of my first nephew this past February, I am now a twin AND an uncle!

photo of Noah Watson

Noah Watson


I picked Augusta because the faculty here seemed very invested in the success of their students.



The program seems very welcoming.



My goal for the first year is to excel in my classes and identify a good mentor for the years to come.



I once wrote an entire mock grant for an assignment while running a very high fever. Despite having no memory of writing it due to my illness, I passed.