March 29, 2023

3MT Final Competition

5:30 p.m.

Education Commons Building GB-1120

March 1, 2023

3MT Semi-final

5:00 p.m.

Participants Only

3MT Information

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Workshops & Resources

Feb 28, 2023

6-7 pm via MS Teams

3MT Coaching Session

Pamela Hayward, Ph.D. & Daniel Routh, M.A.

During this informal 3MT session, Dr. Pamela Hayward and Mr. Daniel Routh from the Department of Communication will hold virtual "office hours," so you can drop in with any delivery questions you might have. You are also encouraged to practice all or portions of your 3MT presentation to receive feedback from these speech coaches.

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Feb 7, 2023

6-7 pm via MS Teams

Strengthen Your Delivery for the 3MT

Pamela Hayward, Ph.D. & Daniel Routh, M.A.

Don't stress about how to deliver your speech in a confident style. Join two faculty from the Department of Communication on Teams for a practical guide to giving your best delivery. Dr. Pam Hayward and Mr. Daniel Routh have coached 3MT presenters for the past several years. Their interactive presentation will examine some past winning 3MT speeches at Augusta University, and go into simple strategies for reducing anxiety, using proper gestures, volume, eye contact, pauses and expressive intonation. There will also be a Q&A time for your personal questions. Feel free to simply join and listen, or prepare to read or give your speech if you want further feedback or have questions on your delivery. If time does not permit everyone to share who wants to, Dr. Hayward or Mr. Routh may offer an additional later session for further personalized feedback.

Jan 24, 2023

6-7 pm via Zoom

Crafting Your 3MT Slide for Impact 

James Garner, Ph.D.

Are you preparing to present at Three-Minute Thesis but don’t know how to design your slide? The Center for Writing Excellence is excited to partner with the Augusta University Graduate School to offer a one-hour presentation on designing a PowerPoint slide that is—as the 3MT judging criteria state—“well-defined” and that “enhance[s] the presentation.” During this session, we’ll unpack what these criteria mean, explain how to create coherence between the slide and the rest of the presentation,  analyze examples from past 3MT winners, and outline best practices to make sure that your slide supports your 3MT presentation rather than distracts from it. We will also share additional resources with you as you prepare your 3MT slide.

Dec 6, 2022

12-1 pm via MS Teams

The 3MT Framework- Best Practices for Communicating Complex Ideas to Non-specialists 

Darren Browning, Ph.D. 

Explaining your research in an effective way will serve you well in so many important ways: job interviews, oral presentations, team building, study sections, at conferences, and when writing effective manuscripts and grant applications. Whether or not you participate in or win the final competition, your ability to effectively and efficiently communicate your research will improve dramatically just by attending the 3MT workshops and/or by going through the 3MT process. We encourage you to attend this first 3MT workshop to learn: (1) more about the 3MT, (2) the eligibility criteria for competing, and (3) how to structure your content to tell your research story for an impactful 3MT delivery.