Protocol For Election Season

Augusta University fully supports and encourages its employees to fulfill their civic obligations and become engaged in the political processes of society. The following is how faculty and staff may appropriately engage in political activities within guidelines that are established by the University and University System of Georgia.

  • Employees are free to express their own opinions and may participate in political functions as a personal activity but not on the behalf of Augusta University or under the color of office or position.
  • Employees may seek and hold elective office at other than state and federal levels or appointed office, when the holding of the office does not conflict with the employee's duties and responsibilities to Augusta University or the University System.
  • Employees may not hold elective political office at the state or federal level.
  • Employees may not manage or take an active part in a political campaign that will interfere with the performance or duties for which he or she receives compensation.
  • A candidate for or holder of an elected political office, federal or state, may not employed or hold a faculty, staff or other position at any institution within the University System of Georgia.
  • An employee who seeks elective political office, state or federal, must first request a leave of absence without pay prior to qualification as a candidate in a primary or general election and ending after the general or final election. If the employee is elected, the employee must resign prior to assuming office.
  • Political campaign solicitation and fundraising are prohibited on Augusta University property or under the color of office or position.

The Office of the Government Relations is the official liaison between the Augusta University community and our federal, state and local governments, and is a critical resource in managing these relationships.