Tree Growing in Hands

Augusta University welcomes gifts of trees to honor a loved one, pay tribute to a friend, mark a special event or milestone or simply to enhance the beauty of the university’s grounds.

Commemorative trees are available for a $2,500 donation to the university. A portion of the $2,500 gift will be used for purchasing and installing the tree as well as installing a recognition plate. The remaining amount of the gift will be added to the Augusta University Tree Fund to provide for maintenance of donated trees and to fund scholarships for Augusta students.

Commemorative trees are tended for their lifetime and every effort is made to ensure they thrive. The university replaces failed trees up to five years after planting. If failure occurs after the fifth year, and additional negotiated donor contribution is necessary to plant a replacement tree.

Species and Site Selection

  • While the university will make every effort to accommodate the wishes of the donor, the Manager of Landscaping and Grounds will determine the location and species of the tree in accordance with university standards and the campus master plan.
  • Commemorative trees are 2 ½ to 3 inches in caliper size upon planting.
  • Planting of commemorative trees occurs in spring and fall. Following planting, donors will receive a campus map identifying the location of their tree.

All commemorative trees become the property of the university and, while they will receive the best care possible by Landscaping and Grounds staff. Additionally, while every effort will be made to locate commemorative trees in areas that will not be disturbed in the future, there may be circumstances (new construction, emergency repairs, etc.) that necessitate the removal of a donated tree. In these cases, the university reserves the right to plant a replacement tree in another location and move the associated recognition plate.

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