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Study AbroadDuring Spring Break 2016, FYE created an incredible opportunity for freshmen who needed SOCI 1101 and INQR 1000. It was one of the least expensive Study Abroad experiences available and it was ALL inclusive- every meal, every excursion and all transportation fees!

Costa Rica"We had a LOT of fun visiting the Montverde Cloud Reserve. The activities, such as zip lining, cooking Costa Ricanfood with a local family, and night hikes with wildlife guides kept us all very busy! We had a lot of fun visiting local coffee plantations, a Chocolate maker and a Cheese Factory – the tastings were the best part. The most meaningful thing we did was an overnight homestay with a local family – I wish I could have stayed longer...."

Katie Rogers (2014 participant)

First-year study abroad experiences are becoming more widely accepted as a mechanism to engage students early on in their academic career. Such engagement lends itself to higher retention and progression ratios. We plan to provide this opportunity every year for freshmen who want to get a “taste” of study abroad while fulfilling a core course in one week.

Freshmen who attended last year’s FYE Costa Rica study abroad experience indicated that they would like to continue their global education and wanted the FYE/SYE office to create an experience designed especially for sophomores. SYE Study Abroad in collaboration with HUMN 2950 and INQR 1000 provided sophomores an opportunity to travel early on in their academic career while also progressing toward their degree goals (Core Classes in area B and E).  The Second Year Experience was created to develop and implement programs that promote the retention, progression, and ultimately graduation.  Travel, hotels costs, excursions and almost every meal were included in the overall price of the trip.  Students gained confidence in themselves and their ability to negotiate the world!

There is so much that the architecture, the paintings, the rich sights and sounds of Italy will teach me. I am confident that traveling to Italy to learn about its literary and artistic history and diving into analysis of the intersection of food and its influence on culture will prove to be a truly transcendent academic experience. Studying abroad to Italy enables me to spread my wings as part of an exhilarating exploration of a culture other than my own, as I soar over expanding Italiaintellectual horizons, increasing my appreciation for Italian culture, and forever changing my worldview perspective on what it means to be a citizen of this multifaceted, multicultural, and resplendently beautiful Earth.

Shawn Fang, (2016 Participant)

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