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Resources for Health eShop

How To Enter An Asset Profile ID on A Requisition (PDF)

PeopleSoft Financials Enhancements (ppt)

Special Bulletin of PeopleSoft Financials Enhancements for Health eShop Implementation

NIGP Category Code listing (Long Descriptions and Account code) - updated 12/03/2014 (XLS)

Training Documentation and Handouts

  • eProcurement Requisitions Documentation-Prior to Health eShop Go-live - Use Resources Above for Req Changes
    • eProcurement Overview
    • Create a Requisition
    • Modifying Loaded Line Defaults for Requisitions
    • How to Add an Attachment to a Requisition Line
    • Editing,Saving and Submitting a Requisition
    • Reviewing Requisition Approvals
    • How to Print a Requisition from Edit Req
    • How to Print a Requisition from Req Report
    • Creating and Using Personal Templates
  • Grants Inquiry Documentation
    • Review GHSU Project Grant Pages
    • Run the P/G Status Project Life Basis Report
    • Run the Grant Administrator Report
    • Run the Open Encumbrance Report for a Grant
    • Run the Comprehensive Financial Rpt for a Grant
  • Reports and Inquiries Documentation
    • Inquiring on Journals
    • Inquiring on Journal Status
    • Inquiring on Standard Journal
    • Running the Journal Entry Detail Report
    • Running the Budget Checking Status Report
    • Running the Valid Departments Report
    • Running the Account Report
    • Running the Class Report
    • Running the Fund Report
    • Running the Program Report
    • Running the Project/Grant Listing Report
  • Commitment Control Documentation
    • Run Budget Status Rpt --- (the old "APPROP Report")
    • Run the Budget Transaction Detail Report
    • Run the Open Encumbrance Report
    • Run the Open Encumbrance Summary Report
    • Run the Comprehensive Fin Report for a Department ID
    • Review Budget Check Exceptions for Requisitions
    • Running Appropriation Budget Inquiries
    • Running Organization Budget Inquiries
    • Running Revenue Estimate Budget Inquiries
    • Running Grant Budget Inquiries
    • Performing Budget Overview Inquiries
    • Performing Activity Log Inquiries
    • Running Proj/Grt Cumulative Inquiries (Expense)
    • Running Proj/Grt Cumulative Inquiries (Revenue)
    • Performing Budget Details Inquiries

----- Below Training is For Finance Division Staff Only -----

Business Processes

Purchasing and Accounts Payable Training - December 2013