PSoft Financials Security Documentation

To setup a new user in PeopleSoft Financials, a security access form must be submitted. There is a link below the security form that explains what security rights and functions users will be able to perform if you select a specific role for them.

Also, to designate an approver for requisitions in your department, you will need to fill out the Department Authorized Signature form. These forms designate authorized signers by department ID. If you want an individual to approve requisitions for that department ID, then you will need to check the ePro box beside their name. Requisition requesters will not be able to approve their own requisitions, so you will need to appoint at least one approver for your department ID if you use requisitions.

For Security Access Forms for Campus Departments, please contact us. What access is given when I check a box on the Security Form?

User Preference Settings for Finance Division

(From PeopleBooks Security Setup for User Preferences)