PeopleSoft Financials Questions and Answers

Accessing PS Financials Data Before November 1, 2008

How do I pull up PS Financials data for Purchase Order & Voucher information along with budget data prior to November 1, 2008?

We have put together a MS Word Document entitled Retrieving PeopleSoft Financials V7.5 Data. This document contains instructions to run queries to pull the Purchase Orders and Voucher information prior to November 1, 2008, along with how to run Budget Transaction Detail reports to pull this data. (NOTE: We upgraded PS Financials from V7.5 to V8.9 in November 2008, so some of this data was archived into tables for purchase orders and requisitions.)

Budget Checking Exception Errors

The budget checking exception errors are different error messages than I'm used to seeing in 7.5. How do I know how to resolve them?

We have put together a slide presentation: Budget Check Exception Errors. This document explains how the budget checking process works and lists the common errors along with suggest actions to correct the error.

Accessing PeopleSoft Financials from Off-Campus

My office is off-site or I need to access PeopleSoft Financials from my home computer. Is this possible?

Yes, you can access PeopleSoft Financials from off-site or on your home computer. Information Technology has a webpage that has documents and links to down load the VPN client for Windows and Apple.

eProcurement / Requisition Questions

Can I approve my own requisition?

No, you will not be able to approve your own requisition. There is built-in eProcurement workflow that determines the approval route for requisitions. The departmental approver is the first approver in the workflow. The departmental approver is decided by the Department ID, and which individuals were setup as ePro approvers on the Department Authorized Signature Form. If you need a copy of this form, it can be found under Financial Accounting and Reporting under the Controller's Division website, or at the link above.

Reporting and Inquiries Questions

Can you see the the PO ID and the Vendor Invoice number on the same screen?

Yes, you can do an inquiry on Budget Overview, and choose the Voucher ID for the expense that you want to retrieve the Invoice Number. Click on the Match Workbench on the Voucher Drilldown information. On the next screen that is displayed, you can view both the PO ID and the Vendor's Invoice Number.