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Effective July 1st, 2018  Augusta University will no longer allow per diem meal payment for non-overnight travel. 


Travel expense statements

State policy states that Travel Expense Statements should be submitted to the Travel Office no later than 45 days after the travel has occurred. IRS regulations state that Travel Expense Statements that are submitted more than 60 days after the conclusion of the travel or event become taxable income to the traveler. Therefore, these reimbursements will be processed in the traveler's next paycheck, and taxes will be withheld on the reimbursement. Please note, that these reimbursements will process with a 5xxxxx account. For more information, see the State Travel Policy section 7.2.

**If you are submitting a TES 46+, please fill out this 46+Day Exeception Form and attach it to the TES.


Direct-bill hotels are under contract with GCHC-DJJ ONLY. If you are using a direct-bill hotel, please make sure that it is on the GCHC-DJJ approved direct-bill hotel listing. At the time of check-in, please provide the tax exempt forms. When checking out, please verify that the taxes have been removed from your hotel bill. 

If you are using a non-direct-bill hotel, State policy specifically limits lodging to businesses that offer lodging to the general public (hotel or motel)  The utilization of a private residence is prohibited by Section 3.1 of the State Travel Policy.  The State Accounting Office has given further clarification that VRBO,  Home-Away or another private residence is prohibited.

If utilizing direct-bills, employees have no later than 10 business days to submit travel.


    • Transportation cost include: gasoline, public transportation, taxi, trains, and tolls
    • Prior email approval from Chad Knight to drive personal vehicle for mileage over 100 miles.

Mileage Rate Update: Effective January 1, 2020

Tier 1 Rate:  Automobile   $0.575 per mile
                       Motorcycle    $0.545 per mile
                       Aircraft          $1.27 per mile
Tier 2 Rate:   $0.17 per mile 

Note: Mileage Rate Effective January 1, 2019-December 31, 2019

Tier 1 Rate:  Automobile   $0.58 per mile
                       Motorcycle    $0.55 per mile
                       Aircraft          $1.26 per mile
Tier 2 Rate:   $0.20 per mile 

  • GCHC/DJJ employee is required to use rental car for mileage over 100 miles.

Rental Car

  • Request for Rental Car Form 

Note: If a rental car or van is used within Georgia or outside Georgia, a Request for Rental Car form is required to be pre-approved through the travel office prior to travel.

  • Mandatory In-state Car Rental Statewide Contracts (Do not purchase additional insurance)

Enterprise Rental Car (In-State Only)  (Direct Bill)

Hertz Corporation - (Out-of-State Only) Call 1-888-444-8500
Give Hertz your Corporate Discount Number (CDP) of: 2018740
Hertz does NOT direct-bill to Augusta University. Rentals will be an expense reimbursement

Air Travel

  • Air travel includes all airlines.
  • Approved Travel Agent Contract

Other Travel Expenses

    • Miscellaneous cost includes baggage and other travel expense such as business needs; copying, data ports, etc. No personal items are permitted.
    • Parking cost includes airport, hotel. venues, etc ( This will not cover Valet Parking, unless mandatory)
  • Contact Us

Adult Health Travel FAX: 706-446-2844

Juvenile Health Travel FAX: 706-446-1052