Student Loans Information

Augusta University contracts with UAS (University Accounting Service LLC) for Perkins, Nursing, Nurse Faculty, and Health Professions loan servicing.

For new and currently enrolled students receiving loans listed above:

You will be notified by email with your entrance counseling information is ready to complete from  When your Promissory Note and Truth-in-lending-act paperwork (TILA) is ready to complete, you will receive an email from UAS with links. Once you have completed these, the outstanding requirements for them will be satisfied in the student system so that the Office of Student Financial Aid can disburse the funds. It is very important that you monitor email closely so that you receive and complete the requirements timely.

For students who are in repayment of the loans listed above:

As of October 2017, UAS is the student loan servicer for these loans. The servicer provides the billing services necessary to repay your student loans. Services include: student loan billing, payment processing and deferment, forbearance, cancellation processing. You may set up automatic payments with UAS to make on-time payment easier.

1098-E IRS Tax Form Information

If you paid interest on a qualified student loan, you may be able to deduct some or all of the interest on your federal income tax return.  UAS supplies form 1098-E to report how much you paid in interest.  To retrieve your 1098-E form, visit www.uasconnect on the web and log into the Borrower Portal.  On the Borrower portal, navigate to "Your Loan", then "View Documents".  If you did not consent to receive paperless documents, the 1098-E was mailed by UAS to your most recent address on file in the Borrower Portal.


How to use UAS for student loan servicing:

Go to and click "Sign Up". Once your UAS user account is set up, you can:

  • View your account balance(s) and monitor account activity
  • Sign up for electronic billing statements
  • Make one-time payments and/or set up automatic recurring payments

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