Scholarly Activity Awards

Scholarly Activities Award

Application deadline: TBA

This program supports faculty professional development by providing awards to facilitate scholarly projects that lead to public, peer-reviewed products.


The purpose of this program is to advance professional development of faculty in support of scholarship and scholarly activities. Applicants can request support for a variety of scholarly endeavors, including supplies or equipment to advance a scholarly project or travel that will advance the scholarly professional development of the applicant and lead to submission of a manuscript for peer review. Full-time AU faculty members who have some percentage of chair-assigned faculty effort in scholarly activity are eligible to apply. Part-time faculty members are not eligible.  Criteria for evaluation of applications (see "Reviewer Guidelines" for details)

  • Although travel to conferences is not excluded from eligibility, such funding is a lower priority than activities that directly support the development or maintenance of an active program of scholarly work.  An explanation of how the travel will directly contribute to preparation of a grant proposal, manuscript, or creative product must be included.
  • Individuals who have received awards in the past must provide evidence (e.g., reprints of articles) of the outcomes of previous funding in order to be eligible for repeat funding.  For example, if a faculty member received funding to make a presentation at a conference, he/she would need to provide evidence of the further development of the project on which the presentation was based. (e.g., draft of manuscript)


  • The award limit is $2000.
  • The award may not be used for salary support.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a faculty committee using a "blind" process and a scoring rubric. (see Scholarly Activity Award Reviewer Guidelines). The review committee will consist of faculty members who have a record of scholarship and who do not expect to apply for an award.
  • Recipients will be expected to present the results of their scholarly work in a local venue (e.g., Faculty Development Day, CRCA).

Reviewer Guidelines
Scholarly Activity Awards
Description of the scholarly activity

  • Preference should be given to activities that contribute to the progress of a scholarly project or program and that are likely to lead to a grant proposal, a manuscript for submission to a peer-reviewed publication, or a peer-reviewed product.
  • Support for travel will only be considered if the travel will directly contribute to the further development of the scholarly work. For example, support for travel to present a paper would be a low priority; support for travel to collect data would be rated more highly.

Professional development as a scholar

  • The applicant should clearly articulate outcomes expected from requested support.
  • The applicant should articulate actual deliverables in terms of their professional development (e.g., vita entry, grant proposal, creative product).
  • Preference should be given to deliverables beyond a conference presentation.

Use of previous funds

  • If the applicant received funds in a previous round, the applicant should provide evidence that the support produced significant scholarly progress.
  • Preference will be given to new projects, rather than projects that are simply continuing from the previous year. We are not in the business of long-term support of a program of scholarship.


  • Specific?
  • Reasonable?

Summary Evaluation recommendation

  • support at level requested
  • offer support, but at level less than requested (recommended amount)
  • do not offer support; encourage resubmission
  • do not offer support