Instructional Design

What is instructional design?

Instructional Design is the systematic process of considering how students learn and creating instructional materials that will most effectively help individuals achieve their academic goals.

What is the instructional design process?

Instructors and Instructional Designers collaborate to establish the strength and weaknesses of a course, identify objectives and student learning outcomes, and enhance the teaching and learning experience for instructors and learners.

How can an Instructional Designer help you?

An Instructional Designer supports faculty members throughout the development of their courses.  They help faculty to:

  • Create accessible instructional materials
  • Create challenging assessments to minimize cheating
  • Create exercises and assignments to assess student learning
  • Define criteria for graded work
  • Develop strategies for interaction and engagement in the course
  • Encourage collaboration and build community among learners
  • Identify student learning outcomes -- what students need to know or be able to do at the end of the course/unit.
  • Organize course content
  • Design assessments
  • Redesign exams, activities, and lectures

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